Plot Quickens

The Plot Quickens

The pace of life seems to be speeding up with aspects of our world changing too quickly for us to keep up. Then, there are the aspects of the socio-economic world that the ruling class purposefully keeps from us. They take place in the twilight of clandestine activities, where often the players themselves don’t know who they are unwittingly working for. The confusion of the public and even insiders has led to a proliferation of watchdog and conspiracy writing and multimedia.

Conspiracy research and writing does have its issues. It is most compelling when it not only brings forth truth, but also resonates with the audience. Some information is within our current zeitgeist, but other knowledge can challenge us, utterly. When it resonates with truth, information crosses domains from conspiracy story to part of our worldview. Each of us assigns it a relative truth-value from fact, plausibility, possibility, or improbability.

The way that conspiracy information is framed or presented is just as important as the information itself. If you read something and feel frightened, less powerful or more the victim – fine. Maybe you love to be a victim. It’s not your fault; that’s how you are conditioned from birth. In a locked-down society, control is the name of the game.

You may get worked up looking at your own shadow – or some author’s shadow – or the shadow government. Conspiracy can create intrigue and passion, and bend your mind. When conspiracy art is done well, the mind is set ablaze. When conspiracy art is done very well, you never feel a thing.

You notice nothing. You simply enter the magick theatre; get entertained by “just a story” and the plot becomes THE PLOT. It’s the “X-Files”, “Videodrome”, “The Game” and “The Matrix” bleeding into real time in Anytown, USA, right where you are sitting now. The reality-meld may not be discernable as fact or fiction. Conspiracy truth-values are more like friction. Conspiracy dwells along the fault lines of cultural conflict, both domestic and foreign.

Conspiracy writing can have a viral quality and draw the reader into a convoluted logic system which seems to make internal sense – at least while the reader is in the midst of the author’s imagination. Leaping on facts before they can be fit into a broader context is usually not helpful. This often spreads half-truths, misinformation and hurtful ideas.

Yet, it has also been the case that many formerly way-out conspiracy theories have been mainstreamed and entered the thinking of otherwise average people. Much of what was formerly “conspiracy” is now simply taken for granted. Sadly the reaction is often apathy, ambivalence or surrender, rather than passion or activism.

IsIs Unveiled

What is is. Making of mountains out of molehills, the lack of qualifiable information and taking information and historical data out of context is just bad form. This leads to nonsense and fairy stories, however amazing.

Within conspiracy reportage, the lack of first-person interviews, independent research and checkable, accessible references may result in repetition of errors and obtuse leaps-of-association. Such leaps can lead the best-intentioned author (and reader) down dark alleys filled with never-ending shadows waiting to be uncovered. The infamous Lyndon LaRouche has commented on the genre:

It is clinically significant, that today’s more popular varieties of wild-eyed “conspiracy theories,” reflect the peculiarly pathological style in infantile fantasy associated with the “Lord of the Rings,” “Harry Potter,” and “Pokémon” cults, or the “witchcraft” and related demonic cults spun out of the orbit of the trio of the utopians H.G. Wells, Bertrand Russell, and Aleister Crowley.

The characteristic form of mental action these cults express is a magical power of the will, acting outside real physical space-time. The gratification associated with the deluded patron of such forms of fantasy-life, or so-called “science fiction” composed on the basis of the same types of fiction, becomes then a feeling-state to which the victim of such cults responds in hysterically adopting a kindred variety of “conspiracy theory” as an emotionally gratifying form of belief.

Gnostic religious cults are premised on the same kind of pathology… Such “conspiracy theories” presume to impose at-the-blackboard types of ivory-tower preconceptions about the universe, on the interpretation of some sets of facts, such as the common Aristotelian,
ivory-tower presumption that perfect regular action must be circular. In real science…
we are obliged to discover the physical geometry of the facts we are investigating.” –
Note 8 by Lyndon LaRouche, writings, 2001.

The word “substantially similar” adds to this, as does the word “circumstantial”. “Guilt by association” is another popular saying. “You don’t need a weather man to know which way the wind blows” by Bob Dylan, is another. Our intention is not to dance in the shadows, but in the light. It is not to frighten, but to enlighten and enliven – to contextualize. It is not to veil, but reveal. Goals thrice and goals fair – let the tale be told and let the weather be forecast – conspiracy style. Well, in conspiracy that would invoke HAARP and weather wars. Now, the Controllers make it blow the way they want and we are all caught in the vortex.


~ by ionamiller on July 14, 2008.

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