Veteran CIA Officer calls for Intelligence reform and full disclosure on Dr. King, Jr.’s assassination

PRESS RELEASE 1/19/2009 – Veteran CIA Officer calls for Intelligence reform and full disclosure on Dr. King, Jr.’s assassination

THE OSBORNE EFFECT: Veteran CIA Counter Intelligence Officer Leutrell “Mike” Osborne, Sr. Calls for Official Review of the Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., by Iona Miller

Annapolis, MD, January 19, 2009. Over 40 years later, the American public still does not know the whole truth about the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Yet part of his vision lives on in the timely election of Barack Obama. Perhaps in this new political era we can finally publically answer long-suppressed questions about the identities of Dr. King, Jr.’s assassins and their backers.

Post-Racial America?

In order to heal, the public needs to hear the undisclosed story from official sources. Obama’s election has popularized the term “post-racial.” But is ethnicity becoming less important or significant in society? As much as we might wish it, to declare it is not to make it so. The same can be said for the propagandized version of Dr. King, Jr.’s story.

Leutrell Osborne, Sr. rejects this “post-racial” buzzword as inherently unsound. Whatever it is supposed to mean in terms of political hope remains hopelessly relative in action. This label makes a false distinction while it is meant to conjoin. We have far to go to heal the splits and inequities in our intercultural nation.

Osborne believes that though we have obvious ethnic and cultural differences there is one human race, under a spiritual mandate to “love one another.” Our race now is for human survival, so part of Osborne’s spiritual mission is to promote this “11th Commandment.” He formed the Martin Luther King Truth Committee toward this end.

Espionage Enterprise

Leutrell “Mike” Osborne, Sr. worked in what he calls “Espionage Enterprises” for decades surrounding King’s era. This former CIA Case Officer (1957-1984) served as a “spy manager,” collecting secret information from other nation-states during 26 years of service. This type of information is analyzed for the President, who uses it to make crucial decisions.

Osborne’s top-down approach to the King case is based on professional experience and work with many prominent figures in the King investigation. Meetings with Ray Kohlman, Rev. Ed King, Mike Ruppert, former Congresswoman Cynthia Mc Kinney, Catherine Austin Fitts, Gary Revel and more insiders have helped shape Osborne’s conclusions.

The 1968 assassination of Dr. King, Jr. took place in social and political turmoil that included illegal domestic spying and dirty tricks against US citizens. Today, this policy has grown into a legalized merger between law enforcement and espionage.

In the 60s, the FBI dirty tricks program COINTEL PRO illegally targeted, surveilled and sabotaged King as an adversary and “enemy of the state.” Their mandate was to “neutralize” him. The world now honors Dr. King as the very heart of the Soul of America.

COINTEL PRO was an unconstitutional clandestine activity, manipulating the sociopolitical landscape by illegally disrupting the exercise of First Amendment rights. They suppressed speaking, teaching, meeting, advocacy, writing and publishing with vigilante-style domestic covert action and propaganda used against American citizens.

Agents infiltrated organizations, conducted “dirty tricks” psychological warfare, and used the legal system, break-ins, stalking, assaults and beatings for harassment. They inflicted physical, emotional and economic damage, and did not stop short of using assassinations to “neutralize” their adversaries.”


Osborne, who is strongly opposed to Covert Action at home and abroad, encourages us to share his conclusions about governmental dirty tricks. As the “Osborne Effect” spreads, these seed ideas may help revision the whole enterprise of the Intelligence Community:

1. COINTEL PRO is the acronym for an FBI led dirty tricks operation against US citizens especially Blacks and Native Americans. There is still active disinformation claiming that COINTEL PRO is a Counter Intelligence (CI) domestic operation and that COINTEL PRO was not part of any Government conspiracy. As a former CIA Case Officer and Counter Intelligence expert, Leutrell “Mike” Osborne, Sr. disputes both the claim that COINTEL PRO is a CI operation and that there is no Government conspiracy.

2. The mere definition of a Covert Action (CA) operation describes COINTEL PRO. Dirty tricks are CA intel operations. Often the “blowback” of such operations creates more problems than it seeks to solve.

3. J. Edgar Hoover, FBI Director, had contacts with organized crime. William Sullivan before he was killed in a deer hunting accident had plans to tell the HSCA that he opposed continuance of the COINTEL PRO under his Intelligence Division, etc.

4. The FBI was not the only National Intelligence (NI) agency and department of the Intelligence Community (IC) involved in Covert Action intelligence. The DIA and CIA both conducted what I consider illegal domestic CA operations in collaboration with the FBI. Richard Ober at CIA’s CI Staff and William Sullivan at the FBI coordinated dirty tricks operations. The CIA’s MHCHAOS program with several internal Office of Security programs like HYDRA also acted in concert with the FBI’s COINTEL PRO.

5. Under no circumstances accept any information alleging that James Earl Ray and Lloyd Jowers are the assassins. At the most, both of them were controlled assets handled by an unidentified agent handler or handlers that used the alias Raul, who may have been foreign born and under the control of the US Army’s Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). With the above as backdrop, why do public programs honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. continue to implicate Ray as the assassin? This disinformation is part of the continued Government cover up using various public media resources.


Osborne wants to know “Why doesn’t the media get the truth and point the fingers in the correct directions at COINTEL PRO and organized crime?” A recent CNN documentary (2008) continues pointing at Ray and Jowers. But the bullet has never been linked to Ray’s rifle. Let’s focus on telling the truth about King’s untimely death. The full story still hasn’t been told.

“The FBI dirty tricks intelligence operation COINTEL PRO was a Covert Action intelligence operation equal to if not better than one led and directed by the CIA Clandestine Service Spy Masters.” CA includes both assassinations and collaboration with intelligence operation resources such as organized crime and international hit persons. That is the way CA used to be though rules of the game now state that the US Government doesn’t participate in such activities today.

Based on my reading of “official documents,” much of the COINTELPRO was performed to shield the White House. Further many of the DOJ and FBI post investigations only confused matters further. My paradigm is that of a CIA Spy Manager who understands CA intelligence operations. Many departments and agencies in the Intelligence Community collaborated both wittingly and unwittingly during COINTEL PRO.


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