Crystalline Chaotic Sea

This poetry-science recognizes the universe in man and man in the universe. We learn to know our own nature. The universe is reborn within us in various forms, including our image being, pre- and post-existence, and the secret medicine Azoth, the elixir of energetic healing. We make the Universal Medicine from nothing but morning dew. Morning dew is life force.

Our Crystalline Chaotic Sea

The ‘Crystalline Chaotic Sea’ of alchemy is synonymous with the zero point energy Dirac Sea of virtual vacuum fluctuation. A dissorderly structure is a chaotic sea, a jumble of superimposed waveforms. Mixing is enhanced in the chaotic sea giving rise to self-similar emergent properties as information becomes more complex.

Chaotic mixing states have a fractal structure. The chaotic sea applies equally to psyche and substance. It is the root of our being, including the gaps or void between our particles [sic]. A mighty fractal Dragon consuming its tail lives in this turbulent sea. A dragon curve is the generic name for any member of a family of self similar fractal curves, which can be approximated by recursive methods. Like the dragon, we are part of Eternity and it is part of us.

Nature is continuous with what is revealed to us. Nature penetrates us even as we penetrate nature through our own nature. Currents can be generated in dissipative systems. Transportable islands of stability exist in the chaotic sea. These islands come and go. Such islands can be flooded by chaotic states.

Main resonance islands of stability persist. Regular-chaotic motions abound in transition states. An initial point in the chaotic sea will explore the whole sea. Its motion is characterized by periods of frequent extraction and reinjection interspersed with long arcing forays away from the singularities. Our chaotic orbit is determined by the strength of surrounding attractors.

Crystalline Grid

The chaotic prima materia and the Stone also have a crystalline nature. Buckminster Fuller described an omnitriangulated grid as the Isotropic Vector Matrix and vector equilibrium matrix — essentially a Diamond Body. (Miller, 1992)

Energy “crystallizes” into matter in the womb of empty space, a dynamic Void. Mass is simply a form of energy. This process is structured by an underlying, invisible, geometrical lattice. Actually, it is pre-geometric. Because it has no true physical existence, it is metaphysical (beyond physics). This threshold of matter, where nothing becomes something, is of great philosophical interest.

In the Lightness of Being, Nobel Prize–winning physicist Frank Wilczek describes new theories on how matter and energy interact, the Grid and the Core (Standard Model). Core theory reconciles gravity with electromagnetism and the strong and weak nuclear forces. The grid is the ground of being, the dynamics of space itself. Particles are disturbances in the grid. The grid shapes mass geometrically as it interacts with it. Mass is a property of the grid. Fields are self-renewing patterns that fill all of space and, when disturbed, throw off particles.

The fields that fill space turn out to be quantum fields, which spontaneously, unpredictably fluctuate. These quantum fluctuations are known as virtual particles. Along with virtual particles, space is filled with the residues of invisible interactions among elementary particles such as quarks, bosons, and leptons. The residues, called condensates, are “ethers {that} “condense spontaneously out of empty space as the morning dew or an all-enveloping mist might condense out of moist, invisible air.” Space is not empty after all; “the cosmos is a multilayered, multicolored superconductor,” with weight and density. Its name is “Grid.”

Over the past few decades, physicists’ ideas of reality have changed dramatically. Matter is like light, and mass comes from energy. The dynamic “Grid” hums as it creates and destroys particles. Perhaps QCD is the contemporary version of the alchemical peacock’s tail. Quantum chromodynamics is a gauge theory describing strong interaction of color forces.

Quantum vacuum charge. The grid is the vacuum that theoretically seethes with quantum activity, a conceptual descendant of ether, that mysterious substance scientists once believed filled empty space. In this theory space is highly structured by the grid, which is the primary ingredient of physical reality and the substance from which all physical matter is formed. (Wilczek)

The phion field (Bose-Einstein condensate) has been proposed as the quintessential force. Squeezing and entanglement are properties of phion condensate. A “fifth force,” a phion is a neutral vector particle in a vector field. This vector field, phion condensate fluid, curls into a skewed symmetric field that couples to matter. (Moffet)

The deepest nature of Reality is nonlinear and nonlocal. These aspects of contemporary chaos theory and subquantal physics are metaphorically relevant to our Opus. We have to think like chaos, beyond the sealed retort in ‘open-systems.’ It doesn’t just take place ‘in here,” because we are the same as “out there,” despite any persistent cultural delusions. We have to open ourselves to the Universe and the depth of our interconnections. Alchemy suggests we can find our virtual oasis, our resonant islands in the chaotic sea of reflection points, in the serenity of the One World.

Nothing is Impossible

Alchemy allows us to ‘kick’ the system. Kicked systems can implement changes in quantum dynamics. There is a coupling matrix between regular and chaotic states. Things propagate in this matrix. We learn to dynamically tunnel with resonance-assisted thought experiments from ordinary states to the chaotic sea of infinite potential. In the language of chaos theory, as the strength of the perturbation is increased, the resonance zones grow, and can overlap and form a chaotic sea. Elements mix chaotically into flow.

The Book of Lambspring says, “Two fish swim in our Sea,” – the opposites of spirit and soul, the conscious and unconscious, positive and negative. We live in a cosmic psychic sea. We are in psyche, not psyche in us. Individual psyches are ultimately illusory. In the process of reexamining for what we know about ourselves, we realize most of our imagery is pre-conscious or never conscious.

Solid objects are composed of atoms but the subatomic and pre-geometric subquantal nature is metaphysical, etheric, vaporous, and above all chaotic. The phase space of mixed systems consist of resonant islands in a chaotic sea connected dynamically by quantum tunneling.

Dynamic entanglement is a signature of chaos. Random states are highly, even maximally entangled. The typical entanglement, agrees with the long-time-averaged entanglement for initial states in the chaotic sea. In all cases the dynamically generated entanglement is that of a random complex vector. The micro-ether is a universal fluid whose constant turbulence perturbs the quantum domain. This is more than poetic license or metaphor.

We see through the transparent phenomenal experience of the world. It is how we know what we know. But that can only ever be a belief, a model, a construction, ultimately an illusion much like a dynamic n-dimensional hologram. There are vortexes of activity in this endless chaotic sea — virtual wave upon interpenetrating wave of the patterns of pattern and form. A similar process happens in the chaotic processing of the holographic brain.

Our commonsense distinction between “subjective” and “objective” experience is an obsessive delusion created by the brain. Neurology research shows all the contents of consciousness are social constructs. We don’t originate our own thoughts, much less feelings and proprioception. Most of our action potentials are decided without conscious intervention. Our decisions are made before questions are formulated. Nothing matters; psyche matters. Paradoxically, “Nothing is impossible.”


~ by ionamiller on April 22, 2009.

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