Alchemy Journal Vol 10 No 1, featuring Iona Miller

The Alchemy Journal is devoted to the Divine Art, Celestial Agriculture, the Mother of all Science and Wisdom, the ancient Art of Transformation: the Great Work as known by many names.

Since 2000 the Alchemy Journal has published an eclectic array of material, both scholarly and personal, logical and emotional, practical and spiritual, everyday and occult, including essays, articles, poetry, visual art, interviews, and summaries of operative alchemical processes, along with book and website reviews, sources and resources, and the latest conference, lecture and workshop announcements.


The Modern Mystery School by Gudni Gudnason

The Influence of Women in Alchemy by Abigail McBride

The Mother-Space, the Ultimate Alchemical Feminine by Dr. Bruce Fisher

Anima Mundi, Soul-Filled World by Iona Miller

The Seed in Spring by Steve Kalec

The alchemical feminine in new works by Michael Pearce

The Salts of Life by Karen Bartlett

Shekhinah, the Feminine Presence of God by Dr. Theresa Ibis

Beyond Passions by Tamara Nikolic and Jay Hochberg

Mater Alchemæ by Rubaphilos Salfluĕre

To Pursue Their Full Measure of Happiness: Sex, Gender, Politics and Alchemy by Andrew Minkin

Twenty-First Century Turba Philosophorum: the 2008 International Alchemy Conference by Dennis William Hauck

Hymn to Kali by Ramdulal Nandi

Russell Burton House, plus Nicki Scully and Linda Star Wolf reviewed by Rubaphilos Salfluĕre; Dr. Ross Mack reviewed by Iona Miller; Alexander Roob reviewed by Jay Hochberg; Paul Foster Case reviewed by Darcy Kuntz; Russell Burton House reviewed by Mike Ridpath; and Ruth Rusca and Dr. Christine R. Page reviewed by Alexander Price

Plus a profile of Modern Magister Jeannie Radcliffe

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