Energetic Change


The Transmodern Alchemist, like his or her medieval or Renaissance counterpart, is rightly concerned with the true nature of reality. The great enigmas of our existence remain the riddle of matter, the origin of the universe, the origin of life, and the human mind or consciousness. We are philosophers; we seek wisdom. We are in a romance with the Cosmos, the dark hunting ground of the Unknown.

The universe informs our awareness and being. Sometimes the universal laws of nature lead us beyond ordinary science. Subjects in isolation don’t provide enough to accurately describe our complex world. More disciplines, more tools, better technologies. In theoretics we build up and tear down relentlessly, questioning our own underpinnings, adhering to no stale theory: “Solve et Coagula.”

Since matter remains a paradox, our Work, comprehending the spirit of matter, means learning more than the Standard Theory of physics. Both orthodox and heterodox theories stimulate our imaginative and spiritual perception. Energy and information fields, not just genetics, drive human psychophysiology. Libido (psychic energy) drives the imagination. When we speak of Mercury, Sulpher and Salt, we mean our spiritual, energetic and physical bodies as well as the elements.

Each theory adds another piece to the puzzle of existence and meaning and might potentially lead to breakthrough on the bench or in consciousness. Such a brief, conceptual survey of alternate theories in physics cannot do them justice, but it can provide leads for further contemplation and research for the esoteric physics of lab work.

We study the nature of being and our own being, the essence of inner reality. Consciousness is a timeless transformative force unfolding in nature. Alchemy, art and physics are modes of inquiry. So are symbolic contemplation and interaction, transformation of the material and immaterial self.

Alchemy was perhaps the first systems theory approach to metaphysics as a science of the transformation of complex systems. Dynamic systems exist, they are ubiquitous. The cosmos, our psychophysical orgamisms and society are complex systems. Alchemy and physics study the basic principles of components, structures and relationships. Systems may be ordered or disordered, or temporarily regress to an earlier stage. System engage in dynamic interaction. Dynamic tension is a basic principle of change.

Naturally, alchemists will vary in desire and capacity to unravel such deep notions. However, putting forth the effort can only enlarge our worldview, deepening our process-oriented understanding of complex psychology and physics, particularly micro- and astrophysics. But whatever is happening contains emergent meaning and can be mined for that realization. Process is an unfolding, a flow. Amplifying our experiences can reveal their depth, purpose and significance.

Awareness of our energetic potential gives new meaning to our photonic being — that we are truly made Light and so is the entire manifestation. Light reconciles the opposites. The photon is its own antiparticle because it is electrically neutral.

The dynamic photonic field includes light in all its forms: radio waves, x-rays, microwaves, and all manifestations of the electric and magnetic fields. Some frequencies resonate with our biology. There seems to be a cosmic superconductor, a space-filling medium that is a primary reality with different properties than the classical ether. Wilczek calls this highly structured empty space the Grid.

Dynamic Form

Each of us is a miniature universe. Our aim, beyond regenerating and illuminative spagyrics, is psychological and spiritual transformation. The least nature can do is fill us with awe at Her majesty. We can change the chemistry of our own thought processes by feeding in facts and imaginative flight about the nature of reality and letting it cook within us. Therein lies the “art of transformation.” Alchemy speeds up the dynamic process activating hidden energies trapped in matter.

This distillation of spirit and thought, alchemical wisdom can be applied to everything we do. Thus, we find our union of soul, spirit and our physical condition — a soulful mind/matter connection. At least in our imaginations, we can take the quantum leap, visit parallel worlds, inhabit our energetic light bodies, ride on beams of photonic light, dive in The Abyss of a black hole, or realize our Zero Point. We walk a razor’s edge so the sourc of life doesn’t become a bringer of destruction to the literal children of the stars.

Through psychological alchemy, Jung probed the secrets of the soul. Through observing the threshold of matter, physicists probe the secrets of matter. The secret is matter does not exist beyond consciousness. Still unknown principles fuse us with the cosmos. The Elixir of Eternal Life is seizing the noble fruit, deep awareness, in each and every moment, extracting the gold of its quintessence.

In the alchemical process, we touch the unseen forces of nature, Universal energies that interpenetrate us, utterly. More than a change in perspective, we begin living in the One World, the Unus Mundus. There are deeper non-personal realms common to humankind. Beyond individuation, the healing of psyche and soma, this is part of the collective transformation of our global culture toward sacred living.

Our challenge is to leave our world better than we found it by tapping our creativity and deepening our spirituality. Dualism is always there, ditto the hazard of literalisms, but the created meaning may be the only glue that holds them and us together in the One World. It DOES “matter,” because, well — here we ARE!

“Sit down before fact like a little child, and be prepared to give up every preconceived notion, follow humbly wherever and to whatever abysses Nature leads, or you shall learn nothing.” –Thomas Henry Huxley (1825-1895)

“At any given moment, life is completely senseless. But viewed over a period, it seems to reveal itself as an organism existing in time, having a purpose, trending in a certain direction.” –Aldous Huxley (1894-1963)

“The concept of the vacuum in quantum field theory is a subtle one. Vacuum states have a rich and complex set of properties that produce distinctive, though usually exceedingly small, physical effects. Quantum vacuum noise is familiar in optical and electronic devices, but in this paper I wish to consider extending the discussion to systems in which gravitation, or large accelerations, are important. This leads to the prediction of vacuum friction: The quantum vacuum can act in a manner reminiscent of a viscous fluid. One result is that rapidly changing gravitational fields can create particles from the vacuum, and in turn the backreaction on the gravitational dynamics operates like a damping force. I consider such effects in early universe cosmology and the theory of quantum black holes, including the possibility that the large-scale structure of the universe might be produced by quantum vacuum noise in an early inflationary phase. I also discuss the curious phenomenon that an observer who accelerates through a quantum vacuum perceives a bath of thermal radiation closely analogous to Hawking radiation from black holes, even though an inertial observer registers no particles. The effects predicted raise very deep and unresolved issues about the nature of quantum particles, the role of the observer, and the relationship between the quantum vacuum and the concepts of information and entropy.” –P. Davies, ©2001 American Institute of Physics.


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