Discover lost Solomon’s Key of our Origins
Scroll less than 1/3 down for video of the Lost Symbol –
before Dan Brown swipes Wayne’s discovery…

Ron Howard, potential film maker for The Lost Symbol, recently said that the new landscape for The Lost Symbol will be set in Washington and that Dan Brown was delayed in launching his new book due to him rewriting important segments of the book’s content. Coincidently, Wayne had sent Dan Brown’s literary agent the Solomon Key parchment discovery and its Washington DC connection just a year or so ago to show him the important breakthroughs he had made.

See also the Youtube video that follows below how an enigmatic lost symbol unlocks Solomon’s secret of the stars.

New Scientist consultant Michael Brooks writing on a conspiracy theory about life on Mars either had a Freudian slip or has heard the rumour on Dan Brown’s book plot. After discussing a cover up theory on life on Mars, he concluded: “Only Dan Brown’s next novel can tell us.” Interesting that there really is a controversial link between the Solomon Key, Washington DC and Mars!

Dan Brown’s latest movie ‘Angels and Demons’ is causing quite a stir with what appear to be 3 big clues for The Lost Symbol plot. For the clues to ‘The Lost Symbol’ plot seen in the movie ‘Angels and Demons’, click the banner above. The eye opening Israeli sourced pentacle ‘with orbs’ clue is explored lower down on this page.

The founding Freemason secret diagram no doubt known by the astronomer Galileo has been recently released through the Bradford University in the UK. He was supposed to be a member of the Illuminati as presented as a teaser at the end of the movie Angels and Demons. A real ‘Diagramma Verita’ secret star ‘diagram of truth’ is what is real. The full study of the star diagram which matches the Solomon Key puzzle is covered on the second page.

There are a few a Dan Brown Facebook interactive pages and Wayne is often online there and will upload some new images and other new material as the clues unfold. Dan Brown’s publisher is releasing more clues to The Lost Symbol plot on Facebook. By the way, Wayne welcomes any Facebook ‘friend requests’.

Dan Brown’s new book ‘The Lost Symbol’ has been carefully timed to launch on the 15th of September. This is most likely symbolic timing with the forgotten early Christian holy day of the ‘rising’ sacred cross… the forgotten symbol celebrated between the dates 13th – 15th of September. Click the link for references. See also the grande finale – part two for the Washington monument’s magic moment in time – midnight on the 15th of September. This sacred time is also referenced in the ‘demonic’ texts of the Codex Gigas. See the full story and more towards the bottom of this page.

Wayne Herschel, author of The Hidden Records and writer for this website (below) has ‘coincidently’ been working for years with all the material that Dan Brown has hinted will be in his next book.

He has also found a critical forgotten symbol and all the same linking connections that follow from it that Dan spoke about, including a breakthrough twist linking the lost symbol with hidden records on The Christ and Bethlehem star! This website is dedicated to the historical material sources and their uplifting spiritual findings that might not be portrayed in the same light in Dan Brown’s book The Lost Symbol.

Wayne is a ‘symbologist’…

… a name coined by Dan Brown.


More accurately speaking, Wayne is an ancient ‘symbol and pictogram researcher’ not having the knowledge of any ancient language. This evolved over the last 20 years, long before he became an author challenging human origins with the substantial symbol and pattern breakthroughs he published in his book ‘The Hidden Records’.

His most important ancient lost symbol discoveries are listed here.

Ref – Key of Solomon parchment source: Wayne is seen here holding a copy of the parchment he has been fortunate to decipher, sourced from the Hebrew ‘Mafteah Shelomoh’ records listed as Or/14759/fol/35a – referenced on line from the collection of manuscripts titled Clavicula Salomonis – ‘Key of Solomon’ in the British Library. Here are the most recent press releases since uploading the findings online at this website and publishing it in two periodicals in 2006; one in the UK and one in South Africa for copyright purposes.

Press releases #1 #2 #3 #4

The new material being released on this website will confirm that ‘evil’ grimoires, ‘demons’ and witchcraft are more than likely highly dramatised alterations of ancient myths created by the Elite either to hide or to encode sacred knowledge within secret manuscripts. Encoded hidden records that would create new laws to protect secret knowledge that only they were privy to.

Here is the reasoning: The Elite, thousands of years ago seem to have hidden valuable enlightening records that threatened their war hungry profiteering ways by ‘demonically’ encoded texts so that action could be taken on their general public found delving into such works. Wayne believes this protocol is still active today, although it has taken a whole new direction. ‘Angels’ appear to be real flesh and blood visitors to our world and the texts encode important stars associated with these visitors as ‘demons’. This will be ellaborated on further down the page. Historically speaking, this article identifies a symbol that has lost its meaning until now. The lost symbol is not only Solomon’s ‘Key’. It is also the same ‘Key’ of the Masonic legend of Hiram Abiff and the same ‘Key’ secret of St. Peter, as seen with his statue at the Vatican. The statue of St. Peter points down the causeway in the direction of the secret of the star fortress. Will Dan Brown identify the hidden meaning of these previously forbidden pieces of important history or will his book hide the truth with fiction? One can only wait and see. It has come as quite a surprise for many that his book title will be ‘The Lost Symbol’, but this does not change what he has already said his book would be based on.

There is something previously hidden that is about to launch.

Once the ‘lost’ symbol is deciphered!

Crucial timing is very important according to Dan Brown for the release on the 15th of September. Dan Brown has hinted that his release has symbolic ties. Wayne for his part, has found a cosmic alignment event that ties in with this date: On this day a very important star, perhaps the legendary Bethlehem star, has the two important constellations depicted on the Key of Solomon talisman matching the exact orientation of these stars in the sky where both are above the West and Eastern horizons. But there is more here. The tiny mysterious star in question is positioned precisely on both horizons perfect West and perfect East, in the position that the Sun was revered in ancient times, exactly 12 hours apart within this unique day! (See the star depictions at the bottom of this page).

The lost symbol you are about to see is the Solomon Key parchment’s most prominent clue. This ancient symbol ties in with many ancient civilisations that appear to have obsessed in many religions based on star ‘god’ visitation making contact with their kings. It evolved into a ‘demonic’ encoded secret only for the Elite during the time of King Solomon, and later interpreted as ‘angelic’ visitation, before becoming ridiculed today as a completely new topic: The paranormal – Sightings and contact made with beings in flying discs. Hidden records of contact made with those of the human lineage and the small grey complexion ‘childlike’ beings called Cherubim. This is an absolute shocker no doubt hidden from the public by the Elite since it will prove that all humanity is sacred and equal. Not only that, it seems they have prevented teachings that reveal how our Elite are globaly profiteering from humanity while hiding a new system that would end their destructive profiteering, prevent billions from suffering while ending poverty… a system that is uplifting and universally pure.

The historical Solomon Key parchment is the earliest Hebrew talisman on record, most likely King Solomon’s original encoded parchment. The layout of Washington DC and Vatican City, with their strange Egyptian obelisks, convincingly seem to be linked to the lost symbol on the parchment. The secret layout plan appears to be designed to celebrate the only day in the year on which the Sun rises together with the lost symbol of the Christ. The very same pattern is encoded onto the Hebrew Solomon Key parchment.

The 4th of July is the only day in the year when the centre of the lost symbol of Solomon and Constantine, a Sacred Cross of the sky rises due East, absolutely in sync with the rising (rebirth) of our Sun, when viewed from the Washington DC National Mall Grand ‘Causeway’.

What could this mean? What is the Sacred Cross of Constantine and Solomon? What does this have to do with a star secret? All of this is revealed on this web page. Wayne Herschel is the author of the book ‘The Hidden Records’. Here on this his website, he explores the matching star pattern in the Solomon Key parchment that is duplicated in his book. In the period leading up to the release of the Dan Brown film ‘Angels and Demons’ and the launch of Dan Brown’s next book, ‘The Lost Symbol’, Wayne will be incorporating more ‘lost’ extra information on this website every week. Between April and May, nine extra pieces of information have already been added on to this article.

According to Wayne Herschel, the controversial and very ancient Hebrew Key of Solomon talisman is a well thought out puzzle. The interpretation of its star inscriptions matches the theme of the King Solomon Testament codex identifying ‘demons’ encoded not just as real stars, but measurable constellations as will be explored on this website. It seems to be a star map showing the way to one single very important ‘Blazing’ star of the heavenly deities, the star of David. The hypothesis is supported with a previously unrecognised worldwide ancient collection of the same star pattern obsession, identifying the same proverbial ‘x’ star that marks the spot. A clear spiritual uplifting message also associates with it. The Solomon Key encryptions and the matching global collection of a recurrent ancient star map, statistically speaking, are now indisputable pieces of data. Without a doubt, they will soon be put to the test by historians and astronomers, even it if frustrates them to consider the obvious: That we have never been alone in this universe.

Ever wonder what the word ‘KEY’ has to do with King Solomon? The ancients used this icon in Elite society signifying that they were keepers of a grand secret… literally holding a ‘key’ in unlocking forbidden knowledge. Dan Brown’s Angels & Demons book (now releasing as a movie in May 2009) will justify part of the importance of the Egyptian obelisks and the Star Fortress that the statue of St. Peter with his Key points to, down the Vatican Causeway. A star-shaped fortress with an archive of ancient knowledge? Knowledge perhaps protected by the Elite and not deemed fit for common man. The Vatican uses the key emblem. They depict two keys, one key of gold and one silver… one perhaps unlocking the secret of spirituality and the other on human beginnings. See Wayne’s findings…Vatican Star secret. The other ‘Key’ secret on the human spirit lies on a mosaic floor from an earlier Pope as seen at There is more… The Freemason foundation secret… The Key of Hiram star map. A star chart with what appear to be three “Suns”… Sun-like stars in the heavens and a ladder with the key leading up to the most important “Sun” (ref – Pre Christian Solar Trinity). All of this will be explored and linked to other cases of the secret discovered in the foundations of all ancient civilisations.

This website provides more sunstantial evidence in support of Wayne’s controversial ancient star map hypothesis based on findings all over the world in the beginnings of almost all ancient civilisations. Wayne Herschel has also recently announced the inspiring source for all his material with a recent news release on his News page at his website for The Hidden Records. This might interest some readers since his ‘source’ is a real eye opener, and perhaps partly the reason scholars will not even look at his material. Wayne would also like to point out to his readers that there is currently a disinformation group trying to use his finding of the Solomon Key parchment, as well as his other star map references and they are grossly altering the correlation scales to fit a new age galactic ‘Silver Gate’ 2012 movement News page. Since the author feels that a lot of this valuable material is being targeted for misrepresentation by disinformation groups such as this, he has decided to make a lot more of the ancient star knowledge connections between the Solomon Key secret, the Menorah, the Star of David, the Crescent and the Cross at

Perhaps visit many of these links in the text much later as it will break the flow of the sequence of clues unfolding.

The Key of Solomon parchment source: The Hebrew ‘Mafteah Shelomoh’ records listed as Or/14759/fol/35a – referenced on line from the collection of manuscripts titled Clavicula Salomonis – ‘Key of Solomon’ in the British Library. In this online library archive link, scholars have presented only this primary Hebrew talisman with its counterpart ‘KEY’. The identification of the ‘Key’ is the lost symbol itself and will be revealed next.

At the Clavicula Salomonis webpage, scroll down to the bottom of the page to view a copy of the original Hebrew parchment. (Click the image above and look for the same detail seen in this image). It seems to be intentionally hidden amongst worthless doodles or perhaps even fake inscriptions of absolutely no importance. It is listed as the one and only Hebrew sourced Key of Solomon. As the outer rim puzzle on the Key of Solomon talisman is pieced together, and once the meaning of the sacred cross is deciphered in its carefully placed outer rim position, all will become clear. Here is the Key of Solomon parchment in clear detail. The ‘lost symbol’ of the ‘Key’ is on top… the encoded star talisman of Solomon below…

Coming soon… The “full analysis” video.

In essence… Wayne’s findings are a little more than just theory when a whole string of linked mysteries across the globe all venerate the same star template of the lost symbol, all obsess with a single star near the sacred stars, and all revere “Angelic” heavenly visitors who appear to be our ancestors from this ‘mystery star’. You are about to see that the Key of Solomon is the same Key of St. Peter, and it is the same Key of Hiram and Key of Enoch. Not only that. The secret seems to explain conclusively the Bethlehem star of Christ … the star of Hiram Abif… the Blazing star of the Freemasons… the star of David… and more importantly also the star of “Wain”… the name King Solomon’s people called this star.

In the Testament of Solomon line 24:

Ref: See highlighted words here in the ancient codex,

An angelic character speaks to King Solomon (encoded as the ‘demon’ Asmodeus)…

“I was born of an Angel’s seed by a daughter of man,
so that no word of our heavenly kind addressed
to the Earth-born can be questioned.
My star is bright in heaven,
and men call it… the Wain”

“…soon we shall again have free range over mankind,
so as that they shall revere us as if we were gods”

Scholars who read of Wayne’s research claims in their emails express anger and frustration. They respond asking how is it possible for someone who is not an archaeologist to come out of the blue and present: Firstly, so much new material, and secondly, material that includes ruins of a lost civilisation on Mars? They refuse point blank to look at the research or comment on it. They say it defies all probability of it being possible and therefore not worth their valuable time.


The Testament of Solomon manuscript speaks of the hidden knowledge in unlocking King Solomon’s secret, and is without doubt of the very same theme with the talisman parchment with the lost symbol. Wayne had realised that the ancient Hebrews encoded this manuscript with the complete layout of the star constellations using fictitious demonic characters. In much the same way as Wayne had discovered in his book that…

50 pyramids of Lower Egypt are a group of joining constellations

… so too are the ‘demons’ encoded in the Testament of Solomon manuscript. “Demons” in this context are not evil spirit demons as one would imagine. The ancient scribes were telling the secret with a ‘story’ but for their Elite society encoding the stars and their names and positions. The secretly adjusted codex allowed the Elite the right to take action against any person found researching forbidden ‘demonic’ material (reasoning follows). This discovery is discussed with full online references lower down on this page. The clue is precise and it works for the talisman. Simply bind the stars…. Join the stars with lines to complete the missing star constellation reference in the outer ring. It is part of the star map, to find the place in the heavens of the Star of David… King David… Solomon’s father.

The online Clavicula Salomonis manuscript depicts many talisman examples BUT… to crack the original secret, one needs to search for the Hebrew sourced talisman… the original Hebrew Key of King Solomon. It would have to be Hebrew, not Greek, not Latin or French or any other source. It would also need to fit the manuscript theme of the Solomon Testament which it does (detail follows). Quite a surprise too that its shocking secret appears to be the same as that of The Vatican, The Freemasons and the Washington DC layout plan and the fundamental secret of the beginning of all the great pyramid civilisations! For those only interested in deciphering the talisman here without finding out more on what the star map means…

… it is decoded in an animated graphic, at the bottom of this page.

The story unfolds here piece by piece so you the reader can reference and reason each clue as it is put together, so perhaps it is not worth jumping straight to the deciphered meaning just yet. The Key of Solomon talisman and lost symbol appears to be the earliest Hebrew encoded talisman on record – the original ‘Key’ secret of King Solomon that most likely started the legend of the Key of Solomon.

Encoded portrait of George Washington

His research on the Key of Solomon led Wayne to the George Washington family portrait. He could see at first glance that it holds a Masonic code. A code encrypted within it, revealing the meaning of the city he was about to build that mirrors the heavens. Click the image to see the secret. It is also a completely parallel story on its own. (Perhaps come back and click this image below a little later). George Washington is pointing to the place where the great Pentagon was to be built. It would match what Wayne believes can only be explained as a hidden secret ancient manuscript explaining human origins from the stars and a once colonised Mars! Why? Because Washington DC mirrors the Mars anomalies! The secret also includes how both the ‘National Treasure’ films revealed many Masonic clues. It is as if it was designed to prepare the world for what Dan Brown, due to his fame, is about to make known… on the 4th of July.

The secret behind the Key of Solomon collection of talismans will hold their own ground and lead to identifying the same star secret also held by both the Templars and the Freemasons.

For now let’s not speculate any further on Dan Brown’s fictional account of The Lost Symbol and rather feast on the exciting material that has previously not been open to researchers since it was deemed ‘forbidden history’. What you are about to read about has important references and is based on reasoning logic and with crucial comparison to something monumental that the ancients obsessed about from the earliest moments when humanity built its first great empires.

The ‘Chi-Rho’ lost symbol: The Key of Solomon

Introduction: A divine secret, perhaps once included in the genesis records of many great civilizations, has been hidden for millennia. The origin of the Solomon Seal and the hidden secret within the Solomon Key – two invaluable pieces of history’s enigmatic records, have been kept secret for far too long. The same secret you will soon bear witness to, appears to have been encrypted into the legacy of many ancient civilizations. Their most sacred artefacts and monuments invariably show evidence of it.

However, more often than not, collections of historical texts fail to make clear mention of the Solomon Key secret and the meaning of its lost symbol. Why? It included records of something that did not fit into the dogma of war mongering and of the manipulation of societies. It would firstly prove that we are all the children of those that came from above and secondly it condemned war and slavery.

Humanity has proven it has never ever thought along these lines.

For as long as civilization has existed, tradition has dictated what its people should believe without free will. In many instances, from century to century, leaders have taken it upon themselves to influence the interpretation of the sacred records brought to civilization by those that once came from above. Leaders throughout history have commanded allegiance to their dictatorships by creating a God-fearing society. This was the only way these systems of governance could work.

One must wonder how many of the original texts were altered to make them more palatable for their kingdoms. A difficult question to answer! However, if this really happened why should we be forced to follow tradition and pay the price of our ancestors’ misguided intentions and be deprived of this knowledge? More importantly, whatever happened to all the texts upholding the sacredness and sanctity of human life and happiness? With the disappearance, removal and omission of what appear to be many crucial, original and sacred teachings, civilization has been slowly slipping back into destructive chaos.

The Solomon Key and lost symbol secret was probably discovered during an epoch where religion had changed considerably. So much so that the revived knowledge would not fit the tradition of the day and would need to be hidden. Since the time when the Solomon Key was supposedly discovered, the secret of King Solomon has remained surrounded by mysticism. Throughout history, religious figureheads have tried to keep its contents a tightly guarded secret. They needed to devise a means to take firm action against those that were found delving into its meaning. In all likelihood the lost symbol secret was intentionally embedded into destructive manuscripts on witchcraft.

A society governed by religious convictions would no doubt allow extreme action to be taken against any individuals found in possession of forbidden manuscripts.

They would be burned at the stake.

More recently, some exciting new discoveries have been made that will facilitate the deciphering of its meaning. For the first time ever all the mechanisms are in place for the Solomon Key and its lost symbol to stand a chance of being considered as valuable knowledge. Thanks to a much-awaited event, its large-scale exposure will be ensured. Why? Because it will be this event that will be remembered for bringing it to the table! However, there is no telling whether he who is bringing the lost symbol to the table, will be able to do justice to its crucial meaning.

What is more, given the sensitivity of the subject, and its implications to humanity, right now the famous author working on its imminent exposure may be experiencing unforeseen holdbacks, even interference. No doubt there are powerful and influential elements out there in whose interest it would be for this secret to remain hidden.

However, if all goes uninterrupted, the release of ‘The Lost Symbol’ secret even with some fiction added to it will mean the exposure of a legend that will no doubt turn out to be one of the most popular chronicles of its time.

King Solomon’s Temple of the Human Form

The source of the Solomon Key parchment with its forgotten symbol is Middle Eastern. It is both sacred and pure. Its encrypted message will challenge everything we thought we knew about our origins.

The message that is revealed from the lost symbol in the parchment will provide theological doctrine with unremitting evidence that every civilization is descendant from those that came from down the heavens, opposing that we are linked to an Earth evolved hominid of any sort. Moreover, it will present a bold new challenge to the ‘Out of Africa Eve’ theory from an entirely new angle. One has to question if it is such an awful thought that we could be descendants of those that evolved in another star system… Angels if you like?

Although there is no historical certainty on the exact identity of Solomon in reference to the legend of The Key of Solomon, it seems highly likely he is the biblical King Solomon, son of King David and hence carries the seal referred to as of the Star of David. Once a king of Jerusalem, he became historically famous for the building in Jerusalem of the original sacred Temple Mount called Solomon’s Temple. A temple that once stood where the more recent Temple Mount stands today.

The grand secret relating to King Solomon has been preserved in hidden manuscripts that have survived the test of time. But nobody to date has managed to decipher the mysticism and secret codes that surround it. Some breaking new discoveries in archaeo-astronomy and the Judas Codex have recently led to deciphering a key aspect of its fundamental star encrypted meaning, and this now freely available to all on this website.

The biblical King Solomon is well-known from the Old Testament account in Genesis. Solomon’s testimony originated from Hebrew texts, and has been carried through legend appearing in many questionable and mysterious manuscripts. Be that as it may, everything speaks for him having been a holy man and a good man who had a connection with those that came from above.

From all accounts, Solomon held the ‘key’ to unlocking a heavenly secret.

King Solomon’s Temple referred to by theologians, as the biblical Solomon’s Temple was once a grand palatial work of masonry. Wayne Herschel believes it once replicated a design exactly the same as that seen in Baalbek (below)… so much so that it has got him wondering if this grand ruin is completely missunderstood, and that this is the actual ruin of his Temple itself. The biblical account and the Testament of Solomon both speak of blocks quarried in Lebanon… right here! The Temple of Jupiter at Baalbek is well known as one of the largest temple complexes ever constructed on this planet from the largest blocks of masonry ever produced by humankind. Is this Temple ruin representing the Key of Solomon secret? Why is it facing its message skyward… a message so large that our astronauts can see it! Ponder on that thought because it is the very same thinking… a design plan… as in the layout of all the pyramids and that of Stonehenge and the claim of pyramids on Mars. There has been much speculation among researchers whether the Baalbek ruin represents a man holding a key like the statue of St Peter at the Vatican.



The Seal of Solomon

The seal of Solomon is the legendary scroll seal King Solomon apparently wore on his ring. It has been reconstructed here. The symbol it displays became The Star of David, a very sacred Hebrew symbol.

It is made up of two independent triangles superimposed over one another. It appears to encapsulate a symbolic meaning: As above in the heavens, so below on the ground. The triangle pointing downwards seems to represent what is sacred in the heavens. The triangle on the ground with its apex facing the heavens possibly symbolises sacred places on Earth. Or as some new theorists believe, the triangle could be symbolising the secret meaning for the shape of the pyramid itself. One has to ask if this is perhaps another way of suggesting pyramids represent something sacred in the heavens: Stars?

1The idea that what is sacred on the ground is also representative of the heavens can be traced back to some famous religious paintings. Here in one of the most famous works by Bonaventura Salimbeni. The secret equilateral triangle shape represents the aura of the Father of The Christ. This painting is also thought to contain hidden geometry encrypted into it like his other famous painting.

The Key of Solomon

The most famous collection of forbidden manuscripts today is without doubt the texts and secret talisman images found in Clavicula Salomonis.

Two original Hebrew icons stand out by far as being the most important talismans originally sourced from this extremely important compilation. They are seals once depicted on parchments as shown below. They have been passed down in what are referred to as the Grimoires. These are collections of forbidden texts of ancient secrets embedded in destructive witchcraft originally recorded on parchment.

Here the secret seals on the parchment shown below are referred to as the ‘Key’ of Solomon as mentioned in the introduction… a lost symbol is the key in unlocking a grand secret. This secret will be explored here clue by clue as it works its way in unlocking who are we and where do we come from. The very same secret contained in other famous legendary ‘keys’:

The key of St Peter as seen in the statue in front Vatican City’s basilica and in other famous statues.

The key depicted in Freemasonry’s first tracing board, the Hiram key shown on a symbolic ladder, or beam of light, that comes down from a star in the heavens.

2 A sacred icon at a synagogue at Capernaum believed to be where The Christ preached. A pentacle and its orbs. It is important in decoding the encryption of the Solomon Key presented in an animation halfway down this web page. What do the orbs mean?

Angels & Demons movie – 3 clues on The Lost Symbol

Look closely at the image here. Dan Brown and Ron Howard have given fans 3 fantastic clues in the Movie Angels and Demons as to the plot of Dan Brown’s next book – The Lost symbol. Wayne Herschel has allocated a special page to cover all 3 convincing clues since they are not in the published version of Dan Brown’s book and are literally ‘out of place’. The film producers used this ancient image of a pentagram found in a Hebrew synagogue in Israel… a site far from Rome and of another religion. The producers incorporated 3 special clues into 3 scenes that were not included in the published manuscript. Strangely enough, this special Hebrew pentagram was depicted on the floor of what can only be interpreted as an intentionally selected historically linked monument! In the film, this symbol has been placed on the basement floor of the Star Fortress – The Castel Sant Angelo. (See image at the top of the page). Put the two together: According to Wayne’s findings: The star fortress is the ‘x’ that marks the spot in his Vatican City star map finding and the star with orbs around it is also the ‘x’ that marks the spot in the identical star secret as depicted in the Key of Solomon parchment!

This ancient pentacle artefact found in Israel (click image) depicts a five pointed star surrounded by orbs. It is the prime icon at the centre of the parchment seen below and a beam of light comes down from it. The beam of light coming down from the star is of paramount importance as the very same star with a beam of light is found in an ancient Egyptian tomb and on a Freemason document. The full detail is covered in part 2.

For all 3 of the clues presented by Ron Howard and Dan Brown in their film ‘Angel and Demons’ and the full historical Vatican obelisk story, click the ‘Angels and Demons’ banner at the top of the page.

Once again for comparison, seen below are the copies of the linked pair of the earliest Hebrew Key of Solomon talismans for further referencing, sourced from the Clavicula Salomonis manuscript. As suggested earlier the icon on the left is the lost symbol that appears to be the key in unlocking the grand secret of its counterpart icon on the right.

The sacred cross origins are as follows:


Here are more clues:

Three important talisman seals are shown here from the British manuscript with more: A sacred constellation of Orion actually mentioned, Constantine’s sacred cross the Chi-Rho XP with a pointer showing the way in the heavens, 3 crosses as stars in a row, with four others in perspective with these 3 in a row, sacred geometry found in DaVinci’s paintings and the detail found on the parchment of Clavicules du Roi Salomon.

The Clavicle of Solomon manuscript

The lost symbol secret revealed by Ptolomy the Grecian, as seen in the Sloane manuscript – British Library, 3847 – has one predominant depiction and encoded within it, appears to be the sacred cross that Emperor Constantine saw in the sky. But here, the entire secret is presented with all its detail. Let it be said that the Key of Solomon talisman (the parchment with the orange glow) holds the identical detail but with a different code. The balance of the ‘Ptolomy’ manuscript is also completely immersed in what seems to be false destructive magic and alchemy used to take acion against those found with this manuscript.

The image suggests that the Solomon lost symbol secret involves the sacred cross and Jesus the Saviour. Here is important speculation:

The cross that Heretics were crucified on seems to have been carefully chosen symbolic punishment specifically aimed at silencing those who dared preach knowledge about forbidden records of the sacred cross in the sky… the lost and forgotten symbol.

The small talisman next to the prime “Key” of Solomon talisman is one of the first simplified examples of the Sacred Cross insignia, the pattern of the lost symbol as seen at the top of this website. This Sacred cross is the “Key” of Solomon… the “key” showing the way to the secret.

Its secret can be deciphered only from the way it actually appears in the sky – exactly like the lost symbol icon shown in the 10 o’clock position of the larger Solomon talisman.

It is one that is also easily visible in the night sky today and has been revered by ancient civilizations from the beginning of time as explored in Wayne’s book. In simplicity the ancient secret seems to use the three Belt stars of Orion to show the way in the sky to locate the postion of the Pleiades, then using the ‘leg’ shape of the Pleiades as a secondary pointer to find a special star. Ocasionally just the three belt stars are used without reference to the Pleiades using a set distance in the sky… 33 degrees of arc measurement. The codex of the Testament of King Solomon speaks of this measurement, just as masonic texts hint of it. (More on this celestial measurement follows in part 2). Wayne found it interesting that virtually all ancient civilizations across the globe worshiped angelic beings that associate themselves with one special star in this area of the sacred bull of the heavens, as seen in many examples of ancient star maps he appears to have deciphered.

Here is the evolution of our religions: Our earliest ancestors worshiped them as ‘gods’ from the stars – The ancient churches revered them as Angels and stars were encoded as ‘demons’. In modern times they are ridiculed as the subject of celestial visitors in flying discs.

In the collection of records revealed by Ptolomy the Grecian, as seen in the Sloane manuscript – (British Library, 3847) there is one very important secret sketch seen below – it has a small note next to the sketch beckoning the reader to “remember proportion” within the image.

It is still nicknamed today as it was in ancient times:

“The cosmic signpost”.

The lost symbol of the “Key” of Solomon… is Orion… Orion as a “key” shows the way to the secret!

The Key is also the Key of St Peter and the Key of Hiram Abiff!

It shows the way to Tetragrammaton… in the heavens.


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