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In the art of Qabalah, NETZACH is the the realm of creative imagination, affect, aesthetic arrest. It also means clarity, brightness, sincerity, and truth. It is the sphere of meaning, divine beauty, the inner glow that results from the merging of human and divine. Art reflects the cosmic creative process.The evolution of art mirrors our liberation from time, space and personality. No longer bound by normal sensory frames, we are removed from time and desire.

Through the magick of art we give birth to our vision of reality. This imaginal reality has the occult or hidden ability to radically transform us. Art is the secret of the secret art. We gain independence through the construction of images in both science and art. Art is therapeutic magic. It mediates the Great Unknown through the power of self-expression as the inner becomes the outer. We turn ourselves inside-out.

We are works of art. Our consciousness is a formative power which grows stronger when we aspire toward artful living with increasing devotion and passionate intensity. When we keep knocking at that door, we realize our inspirations. There is a resonate feedback loop that intensifies the process enough to keep desire alive through dry periods.

We can immerse ourselves in the imaginative process at will. Image crafting is a metaphysical art. Rhythm is the essence of that art. In fallow periods, we incubate. We plumb our depths with the perceptual field independence of a mystic. Art is an aesthetic mystical experience.

Art is an upwelling. Creativity is a constant. Netzach is the sphere of fire on the mental plane, psychosensory enrichment, including symbolic awareness. It means “remembrance” but with more acute realization than ever before. The goal is kept before the mind’s eye with imagery. Creative imagination is the force which transforms spiritual energies into manifestation, making the concealed reality visible. We have intuitive access to the collective pool and to our cultural destiny. We discover our originality.

Art expands our consciousness. It can be prophetic. Imagination flows through us, welling up from our core. Netzach brings stabilization and experiential realization that we are vehicles for creative process. A series of realizations accelerates artistic development. Living from love, we enter more fully into the stream of higher consciousness which pulls us along in its current — the flow state. We become more creative and appreciative of beauty.

Artistry is the result of a renewed ability to perceive and express harmony, proportion, and balance. In Netzach, we learn to refine our mental images by loving them into being. We also blossom under the influence of the creative process. Mental and emotional, cognitive and affective processes are harmonized and stabilized and the 25th Path of Art opens.

Higher art must be intensely personal while being universal and universally accessible. It must show refined knowledge, understanding and respect for the art that has come before to enrich those around us. Much the same can be said for an artfully and heartfully lived life. We can apply a similar strategy to our spirituality, drawing on the best of what the past offers while keeping our practice and service contemporary and relevant. Our lives become multidimensional artful expressions without frames, embodied in living Light. Process-oriented spirituality is an art that is eclectic and intensely personal.


~ by ionamiller on July 24, 2009.

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