Uninvited States of America

Many articles have described the psychosocial history of the Tavistock Institute and its draconian social-engineering agenda. But this one approaches it using Tavistock’s own analytical frame. It uses the terminology and working model of the psyche of its pioneers, Freud and Jung. Both described the dynamic interplay of instincts, ego and the transpersonal.

Psyche or ‘soul’ is our innermost being. Jung believed that, “… within the soul from its primordial beginnings there has been a desire for light and an irrepressible urge to rise out of the primal darkness. The longing for light is the longing for consciousness.” Current research suggests that light within us is literal. German biophysicist Popp discovered the virtual photon master control system of cells, but that is another story, (see ‘Photonic Human’).

Depth psychology has retrieved the patterns of psychic dynamics, yet it remains for each individual to make them consciously his or her own as it unfolds from within. In psychology, this is individuation; in philosophy it is the mystic quest. To ‘see the light,’ we first have to separate from it by observing ourselves.

The first thing we notice in the ‘examined life’ is the conflicted duality of nature and man: light and darkness, good and evil, life and death. Jung (1961) said, “To this day God is the name by which I designate all things which cross my willful path violently and recklessly; all things which upset my subjective views, plans and intentions and change the course of life for better or worse.”

Many psychic dynamics, (each with their clusters of behaviors, feelings, thoughts and beliefs), operate like specific trance states, creating a form of tunnel-vision or blinkered vision. They include sexual reductionism, subversion of sexuality, repression, narcissism, projection, fragmentation and integration, compensation, opposition and polarity, fixation, repetition compulsion, catharsis and more.

Jung stressed complexes, typology, mythology, dreams, individuation, transference, universal patterns, esoterics and the dynamic unconscious. Psychodrama retrieves myth and ritual. Politics and history is collective psychodrama. Ritual psychodrama is a mass metaprogramming technique.

So is misdirection, and cultural fads, such as ‘The Secret.’ The real secret is you had better look somewhere else for the truth. (see ‘Intentionality’) This doesn’t imply there is no truth in the notion that “when many people share the same thought, that thought can have physical effects.” History demonstrates that when historic change is in progress, the staus quo engages agents of distraction and disinformation to slow the process.

You are in a conditioned trance right now. Consensus reality is a trance state, your lifestyle is a trance state, your self-image, your social roles, your politics, your lovelife, your beliefs, even your dreams — all conditioned by cultural forces manifesting through your subconscious.

If you aren’t “in” the trance, you are “out” of society, stuck in a desire-lack gulag. Attention, trust, reputation and intimacy are in short supply. Subtle (covert) order undergirds the chaos of the ‘reign of terror,’ a phantom empire, whose latest buzzwords are, “Risk, Control, Trust.” Self-organizing and self-directed behavior is much more likely in the government of the near-future. It gives new latutude to ‘plausible deniability.’

‘Open government’ is emerging as Gov 2.0: “There is a growing tension between hierarchy and collaborative networks. Rewarding based on value produced, rather than how its produced has interesting desultory effects on new tools and approaches. The accuracy and attribution of Web 2.0 tools must be improved for many government applications. Security requirements, fear of scrutiny, and need-to-know create a culture that inhibit the sharing of knowledge and best practices. Communication lines are blurring between department, agency, and national entities. Trust is a notion that’s already deeply held by most government workers.” Yet this government that ‘trusts’ itself doesn’t trust its citizens at all.
Cultural theorist, Arthur Kroker, outlines a dehumanizing vector: “what we traditionally have meant by human perception, (vision, insight, ethical judgment, discriminating between reality and illusion) has been effectively shut down, almost surgically replaced by the virtual vision machine of the militarized imagination. We are suddenly rendered vulnerable to the new virtual myths about the supposedly hygienic character of posthuman warfare.” Information warfare (PSYOPS; Agitprop; psychotronics) is bloodless but just as pernicious.

We live in a complex physical and social structure, historically located in space and time. Kroker suggests we develop filters against such psychic infiltration. He suggests that in radical crisis the individual must courageously refuse to assent to totalitarian power. The destiny of individual freedom depends on maintaining critical ethical judgment and a clarity that can filter out propaganda and rebel against it. Too bad, even our rebellions are controlled. The ‘story’ must be continually upgraded to keep the audience engaged.

The institutions and patterns of thought of the (military/industrial/academic) World-Machine have created an interconnecting set of world-wide problems of an ecological, economic and political nature. Machine-minded think tanks, even if they are thinking globally, can only see entropic decay through their own worldview. They cannot think out of the box, unless there is a fundamental paradigm shift that is reflected in the sciences, and likely foreseen in the arts.

The energy shortage, rise of food prices, scandals in government, and unwinable wars against ideas like ideologies and ‘terrorism’ are the first harbingers of the approaching mega-crisis. There are two routes from here: The route of stagnation and eventual total collapse, and the route of flexibility and growth, which could lead to a golden age. Chaos Theory reveals both catastrophe (bifurcation) and renewal are likely inevitable.

Rather than the obsolete paradigm of a ‘world machine’, we need to think in more organic terms of holistic self-organization ~ reorganization at a higher level — as revealed in Chaos Theory, which demonstrates nature’s own creative way of evolutionary assembly. All things are simply connected.

The Talking Cure

The ‘cure’ for society’s ills depends upon who is framing the question and prescribing the remedy. Theories often reflect the personalities of their creators. Freud emphasized family metaphors and psychosexual healing against the backdrop of a war between the instincts for life and death. Jung favored connection to and emancipation from the mythic collective. Patterns and imitation of patterns are common to both theories, as are primacy of frustrations and fears.

The chaos of realities contains hidden consensual structure. Our perceptions are attracted to certain types of order. Yet myths underlie our perceptions of permanence, objective individualism, collectivism, and symbolic reality. Narcissism is destructive, alienating and self-defeating. Trance is a psychic black hole, a reality wormhole.

Breuer’s “talking cure” preceded both Freud and Jung. Talking alone, personal and collective narrative, can change neural pathways in the brain. There is power in the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves. They define our reality. (see ‘Healing Tales’)

The “talking cure” became the signature of the “Tavistock Method,” and a blanket solution (with psychotropic drugs) to mental distress. The character-building method is self-questioning and psychiatric investigation. While therapy gives empathy a mirroring face, it also substitutes a surrogate parent with sanctimonious certitude for self-care and self-regulation.

When Tavistock pioneers began exploring the psyche, it was terra incognita. Now that once unknown ground is riddled with the twisted roots of Tavistock’s insidious penetration and experimentation which has permeated the collective psyche. Modulating someone’s internal state is a powerful form of control using the power of imagery. Conditioning replaces external constraint with internal compulsions on both essence and substance.

Today’s experiential therapies and other panaceas arose from explorations at “the Tavi.” They seem to have a salutory effect on individuals and groups, but therapeutics became the new authority for authority — the arbiter of legitimate and illegitimate thinking. There is no questioning it.

One of Plato’s tricks was “forbidding the question.” His Republic is a blueprint for tyrannical systemic philosophical control. ‘The Big Lie,’ a hypnotic propaganda technique, is rooted in Plato’s ‘Noble Lie,’ the myth knowingly told by the elite to maintain social control. The lie is different at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Perhaps the real expose lies not in the Tavistock history but in the methodology of institutionalized alienation. Much of it is Psychology 101, taken to unimaginable extremes, combined with inverted spirituality. There are too many details to cover here, particularly regarding directed-energy weapons and psychotronics (see ‘Synthetic Telepathy’). But generally-speaking, the poison is the cure.

Name Your Poison

The paradoxical Greek word “pharmakon” can be translated as “drug,” which means both “remedy” and “poison”. In “Plato’s Pharmacy”, Derrida traces its meanings in Plato’s dialogues: remedy, poison (either the cure or the illness or its cause), philter, drug, recipe, charm, medicine, substance, spell, artificial color, and paint.

The alchemists also call their elixir or panacea both a cure and a poison, describing the dangers of the interactive field experience, including failure to recognize trance states. Derrida notes, “This pharmakon, this “medicine”, this philter, which acts as both remedy and poison, already introduces itself into the body of the discourse with all its ambivalence.” Tavistock ‘paints’ a picture of the world (simulacrum; textual trance) and we must embrace it.

Restricting the multiple meanings of a given word is a problem of translation, so we can call “pharmakon” either a remedy or a poison. Both a curative medicine and poison, it represents a fundamentally ambiguous binary opposition with no fixed identity or meaning. It is the medium in which opposites are opposed and the contradictory meanings in which they appear to play out. Opposites are identical in nature but different by degrees.
Jung was distinctly Hermetic. Freud exalted the fused instincts Eros and Thanatos as the root of drives, eroticism and suffering, affirmation and negation. Culture takes place in between as they war with one another. Symptomatic sexuality is based in the Eros-Thanatos tension. Guilt arises from the irreversible tension between the two.

As a transitional phase Thanatos is the gap between the former and future social position or magico-religious state, a liminal period of uncertainty, of virtual ‘invisibility.’ If the social condition is permanent, it means marginalization, disenfranchisment, ‘Outsiderhood.’ Liminal personae occupy an edge realm of potential for new ideas and concepts and so pose a threat to the establishment. For the deeply oppressed to gain access to their objective interests they must sometimes undergo liberating personal transformation.
In alchemy, the images of figurative death appear during the operation called mortificatio. This symbolic experience of death has to do with darkness, defeat, torture, mutilation, death, rotting, penance, and abstinence — denial of the body. Emotionally it means the primitive, violent outbursts, resentments, and pleasure and power demands must die for the process of transmutation to occur. Paradoxically, we must make ourselves miserable to transform. Then the dark images change to positive ones of growth, resurrection and rebirth.
Fear is the primary agent of mortificatio. Moving toward the fear and pain–deepening it–brings one closer to the tranformation. It feels like defeat and failure. Yet, to resist seems like madness–in fact, it induces madness. Those with near-death experiences tell us that to embrace death brings about deeper meaning and purpose in life.
Rotting corpses, decapitation, amputation, creeping, crawling worms and snakes, and particularly noxious odors like the stench of graves are images which are reported in therapeutic journeys, again and again. It is truly a journey through “the Valley of the Shadow of Death.”

Thus the psyche depicts the decay of outworn forms in preparation for new. It can be a voluntary death, giving up the old order for the sake of wholeness, the incorruptible body that grows from death. The infantile, personalistic ego is eclipsed. The journey to the land of the dead (collective unconscious) opens one to transpersonal life.
Life, Death, Love are the experiential nucleus of our existence. Ego-death emerges from activated Thanatos, raw, undifferentiated consciousness. This unformed consciousness — which we often mistake for death — is really the essence of our vitality and life force. It is the energy we can use to recreate ourselves in every instant of time. It reaches our awareness through dreams (Hypnos) and the flow of our imagination.

Never-satisfied Eros or libido is the force “which ensures the unity and cohesion of everything existing in the world.” As Eros moves the warmth of life toward greater complexity, Thanatos personifies our unconscious cynicism. If Thanatos is entropy, Eros is complex adaptive systems. Thanatos is our mortality.
Both Jung and Freud recognized the latent archetypal “murderer and suicide” in us. Freud pointed out that “pathologizing” is a metaphorical language of the psyche, allowing it to deliteralize the events of our daily life. Psychopathologies had been considered trivial, but Freud showed that they contained a previously invisible depth of meaning. The nature of that meaning revealed the profound relationship of death to life. Dreams, symptoms, and afflictions became the inroads into the dark realm of the subconscious.
Freud resurrected the intimate symbolic connection between soul and death for Westerners. Eastern religions had never lost this connection. He showed how the perspectives of Hades and Thanatos dissolve the organic, social, and emotional aspects of human life. Fantasies of putrefaction, decay, sickness, compulsion, and suicidal impulses disclose this psychological perspective which seeks deepening. Freud ended his own life enraptured or fascinated with this train of thought.

Life is sustained by desire and self-preservation. Eros also personifies love of Psyche, love for the imaginal. The death drive destroys connections and eliminates tension. Aggression is a projection of the death drive. Freud’s student Adler added the ‘will to power’ to primary drivers. Hermes collapses opposites by breaking boundaries.

Mythic polarities include creation-apocalypse; nurturance-deprivation; achievement-failure; completion-fragmentation; affirmation-cynicism; acceptance-debilitation; hope-despair; reconcilation-polarization; wisdom-ignorance; celebration-betrayal; rebirth-death; questing-passivity, and intimacy-separation (Krippner). They are the black and white keys on the psychic organ.

Meaning is created through the play of opposites, including ‘inside’ and ‘outside’. It hints at negative ‘side effects’ inherent in any intervention. In terms of ‘healing,’ remedy and poison are inseparable: because the pharmakon is artificial, because it comes from outside rather than from within, it is never be simply beneficial. When it is not treating a disease, a psychotropic becomes dope.

“Pharmakos,” “human scapegoat” or “sacrificial slave” derives from the same root, but changing the scapegoat doesn’t change anything real. Catharsis is the emotional release associated with talking about the underlying causes of a problem or seeing a dream.

Psychotherapy replaces the scapegoat with catharsis, a form of self-sacrifice, for purification and emotional purgation, particularly in relation to the projective contents of the Shadow. Archetypal and programmed biases residing in the self-image are “owned” consciously, transformed and relinquished. Transmodern scapegoating takes placein the virtuality – first-person shooter games.

“Pharmakeus” means druggist, poisoner and by extension, wizard, magician, trickster or sorcerer, initiator — the shaman/healer. Shamanism is medicine for the imagination using tricks or techniques to alter perception. Whether transformation is induced through drugs, behavior modification, or emotive talk therapies, the purpose is to change perception of reality. The shaman/therapist is mediator of dreams, soul guide and consummate image-maker and interpreter.
Defense mechanisms include acting out, autistic fantasy, denial, devaluation, displacement, dissociation, idealization, intellectualization, isolation, passive aggression, projection, rationalization, reaction formation, repression, somatization, splitting, suppression, and undoing. The therapist handles them with bypassing, reassurance, distraction, confrontation, interpretation, or changing vantage point or scope.

The psychotherapeutic approach to healing essentially represents order (through chaos). The shamanic approach represents chaos, often including trance, drugs, adventure and spiritual power plays. These worldviews seem divided but the true nature of reality is dynamic interplay of chaos and ordet. Like yin and yang, they encompass one other, so there is flow between the two.

The shaman/therapist embodies and personifies both polarities with one foot in the natural and supernatural world. Traditionally, the shaman is involved in soul retrieval, returning a lost soul from the realm of the dead.

Healers help others find the doorways to the opportunities that crises can offer as traditional guiding models break down. The guiding myth of the shaman is that “personal power arises within.” The blending of the traditional and the innovative, the mystical and scientific, the masculine and feminine elements in healing, could guide our culture towards a balanced approach to healing. By recognizing our boundaries, we could move beyond them. The action takes place in the unknown, beyond the boundary of the known.

But the trickster can also trap with control. The clever, opportunistic trickster is often a deceitful transformer who creates ambiguity, illusion and altered states. Also, by extension, we have the ‘deliberate insincerity’ of Big Pharma and the pharmacratic War on Terror and Drugs. The latest bitter pill in this category is “bailouts.” At the fringe, UFO phenomena are trickster phenomena.
Guiding vision is another premise common to both camps. Jung wrote extensively how visionary experience affected his life and gave him a mandate for his work. The shamanic vision quest is the native model. These visions “work” because we are not separate from the universe, nature, each other, our bodies, or hidden aspects of ourselves. But again, vision can be impressed and exploited by interpretation and other means up to the scale of zeitgeist. Worldview is collective vision.

Brief Therapy Never Ends

When the “talking cure,” lifelong analysis, became impractical, brief focal and serial psychotherapy was initiated at the Tavistock Clinic by Balint and Malan. The ‘point of maximum pain’ or the ‘therapeutic metaphor’ is the chosen dynamic focus. Thus Tavistock’s abusive arc compulsively motivates us, playing on our fear and pain. Fragmentation (multiple states of being), dissolution and alienation are the result. We need a cultural de-frag.

In alchemy, I Ching and even chaos theory, psychological dissolution is the further breaking down of the artificial structures of the psyche by the immersion in the unconscious or irrational and rejected parts of our minds. It is an unconscious process in which our conscious mind allows the surfacing of previously buried emotions that conceal or distort our true nature. It results in a flowing presence that is free of inhibitions, prejudgments, and restrictive mental structures.

Tavistock is so woven into our fabric, it is a ‘sideffect’ of life. It’s about power not health. A population stalled in a narcissistic, puerile condition is super-susceptible to authoritarian regimes. Humanity has been stuck in a selfish, self-centered adolescence by control of 1) environment, 2) food and water, 3) disease, 4) wars and disaster, 5) crime 6) human rights, 7) science and technology. Controlled conflict brings controlled ‘progress.’ Humanity needs to grow up.

Soft-core brainwashing is so subliminal most people don’t recognize it. Nor do they recognize covert pressures hiding in plain sight. You can’t really fight this hydra-headed monster and you can’t flee the mindbenders ‘No Exit’ game with a geographic or mental escape. They want you to escape into the virtuality and leave the ‘real’ world to them. If you withdraw into the virtuality you are no longer a protagonist in the social setting. “Gamer” (2009) describes one such scenario:

“Set in the near future, a time when mind-control technology has taken society by storm. Humans control other humans in a mass-scale, multiplayer online game. Reclusive billionaire Ken Castle has created the controversial form of entertainment, “Slayers,” a hugely popular game that allows millions to act out their innermost desires and fantasies — online — in front of a global audience. Gaming has evolved into a terrifying new dimension-mind control-manipulation-people playing people. At the center is Kable, the superstar and cult hero of “Slayers,” the savage, ultra-violent first person shooter game. Kable is controlled by Simon, a young gamer with rock star status who continues to defy all odds by guiding Kable to victory each week. Taken from his family, imprisoned and forced to fight against his will, the modern day gladiator must survive long enough to escape the game to free his family, regain his identity and to save mankind from Castle’s ruthless technology.”

Like a bad relationship, we habitually need more ‘therapy’ with each disabling crisis. Tavistock is a ‘strange attractor’ in the global psychodynamic field. It has brought us all to the self-organizing state of criticality – the boundary of chaos and order.

But order and health are not synonymous. Not everyone can be forced down the linear road to conformity. Describing how entrainment occurs over time, strange attractors can also move us into the space of what could be. Health does not come from a highly ordered world.

Jung believed that in psychic dynamics, chaos is inevitable, so he tried to find patterns in the chaos, The most constructive approach is to impose very little order and let organization emerge on its own. Jung also thought secrets were poison and confession was the cure.

A state of criticality (SOC) is the governing dynamical mechanism in a large class of complex natural systems. All events are intrinsic to the system. Various kinds of systems can be engineered into a critical state, by fine-tuning the parameters. Kindling changes can lead to cascades of morphing dynamics, avalanches of consequences. Though the ‘edge’ can be a horizon of creativity, chain reactions and catastrophic collapse are also possible.

Instead of inhabiting the United States, we are plunged into the bizarro world of imposed trance-states — the Uninvited States of America. Whether you are on the Left or the Right, you are played against one another in the social construction of reality (totalitarian environment) with indirect suggestion, political and religious cliches and milieu control.

You can cause fear of extinction and annihilation by forcing choice on a future existential path. Loss of biometric identifiers, self-reliance, house, job, credit cards, bank account, driver’s license, spouse, family is for the most part equated with death — or worse — irrelevance. You must obey the doctrine or lose your personal identity which was created for you and will be stripped away. So don’t question too much; just follow along.

You will continually have to fight for your liberation, for your civil and human rights. The oppressor does not tolerate resistance or dissent, peaceful or otherwise. And your right to self-defense and self-determination will repeatedly be undermined. The rhetoric about democracy is just that—it has never been actualized.

In the culture at large, therapeutic authority has transformed personal and group relations in family, work, school, hospital, office, media, government and military. While it has taught us “better” communication, it has undermined traditional roles. Stories we consistently tell ourselves determine our reality.

Your reality is made of symbols weighted by metaphors. All communication is hypnotic. NLP demonstrates how even casual conversation can be loaded with sleight of mouth, cues, “embedded commands,” suggestive language patterns. Parallel realities, triggers and anchors, time binds, illusory choice, submodalities, persuasion and psychological drivers can be manipulated.

The collective will of the people has been undercut with “shock and awe,” frustration and demoralization. Tavistock first fed us illusions as stepping-stones before weaning us on disillusion, exemplified in lowered expecations and the current healthcare debates. Positive and negative reinforcement include “the takeaway,” turning dreams into pipe dreams and mystical manipulation.

Even though its agenda has jumped the boundaries of its parent organization, Tavistock has seeded chaos leading to the death of an outworn post-industrial mindset, clearing the stage for a transmodern information society with a distinctly fascist tone.

Controlled chaos leads to submission. How we got into this double bind is a labyrinthine story involving psychiatry, fascism, Nazis, Communism, CIA, MI6, media, corporations, government and universities. It is the story of how we lost even the fantasy of democracy to corporate feudalism.

The Mindbenders

Just outside London, Tavistock Institute is the nerve center of a global psywar apparatus that attacks our collective psyche relentlessly. Established after World War I by the Duke George of Kent, the original Tavistock Clinic developed psychological warfare for British intelligence after studying shellshock (PTSD) victims. They determined neurosis, self-division, was pervasive in modern society and they learned how to manipulate that for brainwashing.

Riding the coattails of “The Manchurian Candidate” (1962), a B horror movie, “The Mindbenders” came out in 1963, starring Dirk Bogarde as the victim of British brainwashers who isolated and water tanked him. The slow-paced script itself was a bit torturous, but apparently someone in Britain knew what was going on.

In the opening scene a clearly confused Professor on a moving train in a carriage full of passengers stands up and jumps off the train. The investigating Major is convinced Professor Sharpe acted like a Communist spy with remorse, but his young acolyte Dr. Tate refuses to accept this verdict and seeks the help of Sharpe’s former colleague and friend, Dr. Longman.

The latter volunteers to undergo a devastating experiment and the scientists quickly learn that eight hours of isolation in a water tank has the same nightmarish effect on people as eight months of intense brainwashing methods. Trying to break both him and his relationship, they ramp the test up to an even more dangerous level to make Dr. Longman believe he doesn’t love his wife of twelve years and mother of their four children.

It isn’t difficult to induce a repressed psychosomatic state. We dissociate or turn on the auto-pilot to protect ourselves. Freud proved that breaking relationships and imposed sexual repression could be used as a weapon, spreading emotional contagion, bringing very primitive emotions to the forefront of targeted populations. It could simultaneously be used to build entire mythic systems.

Sexual repression and sex taboos could therefore be used to control and repress entire political communities, transforming their entire belief systems or separate the elite from the non-elite. Over the years more subtle, insidious techniques were developed for mass brainwashing, including modulation of the dynamical field of meaning.

Polluting water sources with estrogen and estrogen-like chemicals is having a devastating effect, leading to declines in male desire, potency and fertility. We excrete what we don’t use. Unfilterable pharmaceutical pollution, not to mention detergents and pesticides, enter the food-chain through fish, affecting reproductive fitness.

There are accumulating signs of nicotine, steroids, antibiotics, blood pressure reducers, hormones, psychiatric drugs, and pain killers in treated water leaving sewage plants and adjacent aquafers, rivers, streams, and lakes. But if your agenda is culling the population that is a bonus.

Freud was brought into the Tavistock Institute of British Intelligence in order to keep this secret of the elite quiet. Countless MKULTRA Mind Control studies confirm sexual abuse and general repression as the perfect psychological warfare weapon: it can produce powerful conversion effects leaving little or no physical evidence of harm.

How did Tavistock become an interdisciplinary den of mad spyentists working on emergent meta-problems? In this case, indeed, the power of the many is greater than the power of the one. Tavistock has spread a dark net across the globe.

Since 9/11, even the memory of democracy is being erased. “Free Association” is putting an end to freedom, making ‘self-observation’ virtually obsolete through surveillance and manipulation. More than an international institution, Tavistock has become a nonlocal community of practice — a dark ‘invisible college,’ the Castaglia of the cryptocracy.

Change Management

Officially, Tavistock presents itself as an apparently benign, mild-mannered thinktank and consultancy firm. But in the name of public service it conceals many toxic “family” secrets of its origins, personnel, “pioneering” approach, R&D and covert “psychotechnology” agenda.

Tavistock controls a metaverse from spirituality to pragmatic to covert levels. In a sense, they’ve turned us all into “Bilder-bots,” wage-slave robots for their own controllers. Tavistock gave the shadow government its strongest weapons. Fear of breakdown alone can bring it about.

Founded in 1920, Tavistock Institute was first directed by John Rawlings Rees; his wife, Dr. Mary Rees Hemingway, was a co-founder. By 1947, Tavistock Institute of Human Relations turned its research findings on the British and American public, declaring a silent war on consciousness by reversing the equation that social structure is a defense against anxiety.

Their redefined social mission was called Operation Phoenix. There were four divisions of staff members: consultants, principal project officers, project officers and assistant project officers. The grand strategy is the overall approach to winning the perpetual war – prosecuting the direct and indirect (covert) agenda.

After phoney wars on poverty, drugs and terror, the current offensive is on debt and surplus population. But the bottom line is class war, as demonstrated by the recent gutting of the American middle class. When you ‘lose’ money, where do suppose it goes? It’s not just your money, it’s your freedom.

This war is conducted through the big guns of Information Warfare. Information warfare is a large set of activities aimed at the mind and will of the enemy. Partof the domestic information war is a barrage of useless information as well as disinformation.

The decisions to pursue the development of information weapons or to prosecute information warfare are governmental decisions. These decisions need to be made consciously and deliberately and with an understanding of the moral and ethical risks of information warfare. After assessing all the risks and deciding to create information weapons or engage in information warfare, the decision makers should first have an understanding of these weapons and a weapon employment theory before such warfare starts rather than after the weapons are deployed or have already been employed. Deception and disinformation, radioelectronic combat, propaganda, and the whole gamut of “psychological warfare” or command and control warfare attacks against enemy combatants at the operational level cannot be said to be wrongful. These aim to subdue without fighting or to reduce the amount of violence required. Becoming unhinged from reality in combat, like death or some other form of suffering, is a risk of which combatants are aware and is a possibility that combatants must accept. (Szafranski, USAF)

Cultural psychology was used to assess the enemy mentality. The original “Tavi-stalkers” didn’t stop with the enemy and rewriting history. They spread their “Tavistock Method” theory and practice of mass mind control into all strategic institutions. Their psystrat — turning reality inside out — had multiple vectors, reconciling and unifying levels of strategy.

Synergy influenced manoeuvers produce generalized effects, such as mob control, social mobility, changing mindsets or ideology and counterinfluencing through disinformation. Once you learn how to organize behavior — “joint optimization” — you know how to dis-organize it with value-dilemmas in groups, matrix and international networks.

Tavistock has upgraded from 1940s general systems theory to Chaos Theory and complexity modeling. Increasing in complexity, the contemporary environment is a ‘turbulent field’ in which the amount of disorder is increasing to the limit of a ‘vortical’ state in which healthy adaptation is impossible.

Turbulence cannot be managed by top-down bureaucracies but can be perturbed from collaborative bottom-up grassroots levels. This is a socio-ecological approach but regressive primitive behaviors re-emerge under stress and uncertainty.

One of the domain level approaches is futures studies and “headin’ em off at the pass.” The carrot now is the New Age dream of superhuman powers connected to the quickening pace of the 2012 mythos, a Precessional convergence into singularity, a “new” unity. “Pay no attention to the mysterious signs in the sky.” If you don’t know you are in a Schrodinger’s Box, alive or dead, you make no attempt to get out. Many are convinced 2012 is the ‘tipping point.’

Other demoralizing psystrat techniques include psychotropic drugs, depersonalization, diversion, stepping-stones, traumatization, eroding confidence, creating confusion, broken relationships, distrust and state-related learning. Memory-encoding maintains the trance and for recall one must return to the context-dependent state in which learning took place.

Recent discoveries link behavioral state-related gene-expression to the same loop, so physiological changes are possible. Behavioral states modulate certain patterns of gene-expression. Neurotransmitters modulate mental states, including natural healing, biorhythms and dreams.

The psychophysical link leads to the maxim that “psyche matters.” Interaction between the genetic and behavioral levels is a two-way street. Genes and behavior are related in cybernetic loops of mind-body communication.
There is evidence that “immediate-early genes (IEGs) function as mediators of information transduction between psychological experience, behavioral states, and gene expression. A wide range of behavioral state-related gene expression (from relaxation, hynosis and sleep to high arousal, performance, stress and trauma) culminate in the production of new proteins or homeostasis, physical and psychosocial adaptation.” (Rossi)
Immediate-Early Genes (IEGs) are also fundamental in the regulation of REM-on, REM-off neurons, neuronal networks that are associated with REM sleep and dreaming. Deprivation of REM and dreaming creates its own phenomenology and pathologizes, which are naturally exploitable.

Gordon Lawrence “discovered” a Social Dreaming Matrix at Tavistock in 1982. Dreams could be used to extract cultural knowledge and scientific ideas, illumine social situations, provided the Sphinx knowledge perspective was used, and not the classic Oedipal one.

“Knowledge of the dream is the focus. Knowledge can be of three kinds. (a) Knowledge of the inanimate world which is expressed through mathematics, and physics making use of mathematical and mechanical metaphors, and formal logic. (b) Knowledge of the organic world as expressed in biology which is linked with the use of evolutionary and organic metaphors, and dialectical logic. (c) Knowledge of the world of the personal, which is the highest and most comprehensive form of knowledge being the mutual knowledge of two persons. This personal knowledge includes the material and organic.”

A Matrix is a place (Dreamland) from which something grows, acknowledging the unconscious, both personal and social, including the critical feelings and emotions of participants. A group is bounded by a universe of meaning but a Matrix is open and facilitates a multi-verse of meaning.

Divergent thinking is possible in the Matrix, a generative working hypothesis with intellectual and spiritual qualities. Often the ‘unthought known’ of the system is voiced, the ‘secret’ that is recognized but not spoken as a factor in the being of the system.

All these techniques induce a trance state because they function hypnotically, swinging wide the ‘Doors of Perception,’ described by Tavistock pioneer, Aldous Huxley. Tavistock wrote the blueprint for global domination, a triumph of image over substance. They wrote the book on propaganda, prognostication and profiling — the staples of the full-spectrum surveillance society. They have contrived history.

Twisting facts with fiction produces friction. The simulation substitutes for reality. Netlife has taught us to invest the simulation with the weight of reality. When the real world gets too tight, we head to the virtual world for the space we need. As in physics, manifestations emerge from a phase space of possibilities of being and these events affect us in realtime.

Its as if cyberspace is a virtual training simulator for global architectronics. Are we mimicing what the Tavistock system has imposed on us – an ability to manipulate signs, icons, imagery and symbols to alter perception? But there is a subtext to what we do there. Web-Bots read the collective unconscious from the Internet.

We now write our own open source dossiers for the watchers. We are profiled by demographic harvesters. And they know who and where (density maps) our friends are, even what astrological sign and psychetype the majority are. They have commodified our content to sell to others.

Psychology Today has labeled conspiracy thinking a psychotic illness, implying dissent or divergent thinking is insane as if conformity is sanity. Even with designer bodies, the virtuality is no escape from the “No Exit” Tavistock game. Soon we will live inside our televisions as they now live within us. We will have merged with the technology.


~ by ionamiller on September 14, 2009.

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