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Magic, Transcendence & Longevity

by Iona Miller, 4-2010


The Holy Magic revealed to Moses discovered within an Egyptian monument and preciously preserved in Asia under the emblem of a Winged Dragon.

1. To find things lost in the seas since the flooding of the globe.

2.To discover mines and diamonds, gold and silver within the bowels of
the earth.

3. To preserve one’s health and prolong one’s life for a
century, and that with the freshness of fifty years, and the strength of
that age.

You should do your operations for the first two objects only when the sun, earth, and moon are found in conjunction in the same line, and within the same plane. As for the third marvel, you may perform the operation at any time, but it is necessary to carry on your person a figure like that which you see here.

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Trinity & Primordial Water

The dragon is a symbol of immortality. The Dragon Book of St. Germain is a cryptic manual of ceremonial magic with three stated purposes that unravel infinite threads of investigation in metahistory, metaphysics, transformation and cosmology. The book says St. Germain wrote it for his closest associates, but its contents appear to be a much older work in the hermetic style of The Sacred Magic of Abramelin, a conjuring work of “Solomonic” magic.

Grimoires were very popular from 1600 – 1900 AD. The Black Dragon, Red Dragon and the Black Screech Owl are all examples of grimoires or magical texts. The term “Grimoire” is a derivative of “grammar”. Grammar describes a fixed set of symbols and the means of their incorporation to properly produce well-formed, meaningful sentences and texts. Similarly, a Grimoire describes a set of magical symbols and how best to properly combine and time dramatic ceremonial events to produce the desired effects. True grimoires contain elaborate rituals.

The DRAGON BOOK of Saint Germain is akin to The Red Dragon or Grand Gromoire, with the Powerful Clavicle of Solomon and of Black Magic; or the Infernal Devices of the Great Agrippa for the Discovery of all Hidden Treasures and the Subjugation of every Denomination of Spirits, together with an Abridgment of all the Magical Arts.

The ancient secret “Wisdom Religion” recognizes the One Mystery-God of the Ineffable Name. It existed before the Zoroastrian split into the war of ‘good’ and ‘evil.’ Chaos and demons are represented as primordial dragons. The Cosmos, in its birth, spread out from the center, the constellation Draco as perceived in the pre-history of mankind. The “Old Dragon” was pure spirit before he became matter, passive before he became active.

Dragon energy was expressed as the Voice of the Silence, Logos, and Ophis, the Agathodaemon. Even Jesus said, “be wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.” Ophis is represented as the Egyptian Cnuphis or Kneph, called Dracontiae. He appears as a serpent standing erect on its tail, with a lion’s head, crowned and radiated, and bearing on the point of each ray one of the seven Greek vowels–symbol of the seven celestial spheres. This figure is quite familiar to those acquainted with the Gnostic gems.

The first Unity in a Trinity is borrowed from the Egyptian Hermetic books, known to Saint Germain from his hermetic studies. IAO–the Ineffable Name of the Unknown Deity–Abraxas, and the “Eternal Spiritual Sun.” Unity enclosed within the Depth, Bythos, feminine principle–the boundless circle, within which lie all ideal forms.

The second Trinity is 1) Ennoia–mind; 2) Ophis, the Agathodaemon; 3) Sophia Androgyne–wisdom, in her turn–fecundated with the Divine Light. Sophia emanates the Demiurge. It is a symbolical antithesis (dual manifested nature) united in a transcendant third. Religious versions of this duality lead to interpretive doctrines, and myths of restoration or redemption.

Blavatsky contended that, “The Hindu Trinity is composed of three personages, which are convertible into one. The Trimurti is one, and in its abstraction indivisible, and yet we see a metaphysical division taking place from the first, and while Brahma, though collectively representing the three, remains behind the scenes, Vishnu is the Life-Giver, the Creator, and the Preserver, and Siva is the Destroyer, and the Death-giving deity. “Death to the Life-Giver, life to the Death-dealer. The symbolical antithesis is grand and beautiful,” says Gliddon.*** “Deus est Daemon inversus” of the kabalists now becomes clear. It is but the intense and cruel desire to crush out the last vestige of the old philosophies by perverting their meaning, for fear that their own dogmas should not be rightly fathered on them, which impels the Catholic Church to carry on such a systematic persecution in regard to Gnostics, Kabalists, and even the comparatively innocent Masons.”

Dragon Triangle Craft

The Dragon Book grimoire employs sigil magic, encrypted godnames, spirit or angelic names and astronomical features. Illustrations include the metasymbol dragon emblem, a wyvern, a magical circle of operations enclosing a triangle of evocation, a sigil for longevity or immortality, and a magical mirror of the heavens (As Above, So Below).

Melita Denning and Osborne Phillips describe Ceremonial Magick ritual in four basic categories:

1. a) Acts directly imitative of an intended project, including the desired outcome.
2. b) Acts imitative of cosmic and meteorological processes.
3. a) Acts meant indirectly to induce or to avert influences by allusive or symbolic association.
4. b) Mythic presentments and acts of propitiation or of worship, intended to link the rite with a specific divine force.

While Saint Germain’s first two operations for finding “lost treasures” in the “sea” and “depths of the earth” are only performed during an eclipse, the third — the longevity practice — does not require that. Arguably, it does require the Dragon bloodline or lineage. The Dragon Descent reads like Lord of the Rings meets the Da Vinci Code meets Zecharia Sitchin and they all run off to Scotland.

Dragon Book Longevity Sigil

Upcoming annular and total eclipses in 2012 occur on May 20 and Nov 13. These with the Winter Solstice are moments of tremendous magical potential and resonant tuning. Magical timing functions like a lens to focus consciousness. Winter Solstice 2012 marks the Precessional magic moment, opening the portal of eternity for those with the secret key — the right one at the right time, with the right aim. The arrow of Sagittarius points directly to the heart of the galactic core.

* A total eclipse occurs when the Sun is completely obscured by the Moon. The intensely bright disk of the Sun is replaced by the dark silhouette of the Moon, and the much fainter corona is visible. During any one eclipse, totality is visible only from at most a narrow track on the surface of the Earth.
* An annular eclipse occurs when the Sun and Moon are exactly in line, but the apparent size of the Moon is smaller than that of the Sun. The Sun appears as a very bright ring, or annulus, surrounding the outline of the Moon.

The Great Year cycle of Precession culminates in 2012. The Galactic Center according the Maya and many other cosmic cultures is where time and space have collapsed totally and do not exist. We are aligning with the Galactic Center as we complete the Great Cycle. This alignment is called the second coming of the Christ. It is the Alchemical Wedding. It is when we become One with the higher vibrations from the Galactic Center. Now, as we complete this great cycle, we move through the Galactic Centre beyond birth and death into a higher dimensional being.

The symbol of the Ouroboros, the serpent that eats its own tail, refers to a serpent of light residing in the Milky Way. In Hindu myth Vishnu is seen lying on the hundred headed serpent Ananta Sesha. Vishnu represents the center of the Milky Way out of which the consciousness of all that exists emanates. Ananta Sesha, the giant primordial serpent, is the life giving dragon who supports Vishnu on the surface of the Milky Ocean of Immortal life. Vishnu, in human form is seen dreaming as a lotus grows from his navel on which Brahma, the creator is seated. This is a metaphor for the creation of stars and planets from the center of the galaxy.

Triune Being & Altar Egos

The “mystic triangle” was the metaphysical bedrock of Rosicrucian philosophy. The Rosicrucians claim St. Germain and that they, like him, held the secret to immortality. He was the highly revered ‘Obermohr’ of many mystic brotherhoods. He belongs to old Vienna swirling with Rosicrucians, Illuminates, Alchemists, Magnetopaths, Thaumaturgists, and Templars. He was a living example of the power and fulness of the path. Many Rosicrucians — such as Paracelsus, Cagliostro and the Count de St. Germain — claimed to possess the secret of prolonging Life, a potential no Theosophist will deny. Theosophy also claims Saint Germain is the avatar of the Age of Aquarius and the violet ray.

Did Saint Germain teach Cagliostro about his immortality Elixir?

On the seventeenth day of this retreat after a small emission of blood, he will start taking some white drops of secret composition. He will have to take six of them in the morning and evening, adding two a day till the thirty-second day. Another blood emission is taken on this day at sunset, the following day he stays in bed till the end of the Quarantine. Then he starts taking the first grain of Original Matter, the same that God has created in order to give man immortality. Because of sin, man has lost the knowledge of it. It can’t be conquered other than by a favor from the Eternal, and Masonic work.“

“After having taken this grain the one who is going to rejuvenate becomes unconscious for three hours and in convulsions he sweats and evacuates continuously. After having come to himself and changed bed he must be fed with a pound of fat free beef and cooling herbs. If this food makes him feel better on the following day he is given the second grain of Original Matter in a cup of broth that besides the effect of the first grain will cause him a very strong delirious fever .He will lose the skin, and the teeth and hair will fall out. On the following thirty-fifth day if the patient recovers his strength, he will soak in a bath for one hour in neither cold or hot water. On the thirty-sixth day he will have his third and last grain of Original Matter in a glass of vintage and generous wine that will make him sleep quietly and peacefully. Then the hair grows back, the teeth too and the skin gets healed. When he wakes up he soaks in new aromatic bath and on the thirty-eighth day he will have a bath in plain water mixed with niter .Later on he gets dressed and starts walking in his room, then on the thirty-ninth day, he takes ten drops of Balsam of the Great Master along with two spoons of red wine. On the fortieth day he will leave the house, rejuvenated and perfectly recharged”.
This is consistent with Saint Germain’s practice as are other examples of the hermetic school developed by Cagliostro. The hermetic society known as “Neapolitan School” has valid claim as the oldest Alchemical Transmutation School in the West. In the reign of Emperor Augustus a small Egyptian-Jewish colony settled in Naples (in the area known today as Piazza Nilo). For over two thousand years the oral transmission of transmutation techniques imported from their own land was perpetuated.

Cagliostro’s school had three teaching levels. In the first level, theoretically, one could learn the fundamentals of Hermetism: the analog science, symbolism. The Neapolitan School was far more detailed than other hermetic schools. They also cultivated the “art of memory”.

In the second level one could start the real transmutation work and according to a superb technique –of mitraic ancient origin characterized by a special kind of sexual magic called “osiridean”. Smell a dragon?

By the hellenic era, Greek awareness of Osiris had grown, and attempts had been made to merge Greek philosophy, such as Platonism, and the cult of Osiris (especially the myth of his resurrection), resulting in a mystery religion. Gradually, this became more popular, and was exported to other parts of the greek sphere of influence. However, these mystery religions valued the change in wisdom, personality, and knowledge of fundamental truth, rather than the exact details of the acknowledged myths on which their teachings were superimposed.

In the third level, the transmutation student could use two techniques of individual mastering for the purpose of giving him superior mental powers and starting the regeneration of the physical body.

Secret Secretions

To continue, the Arcana of the illuminati consist of three degrees or ritual cycles bringing to mastery plus a “High Arcane” (Secretum Secretorum). Their calendar runs according to the lunar cycle, and the 9 days of ritual fasting, during which one must follow complete chastity). The osiridean transmutation work is performed in pairs: by a woman and a man.

The first degree performed by a man consists in a self–assimilation of his sperm, obtained by a self-sexual magic; the short cycle which is more used , covers forty operations, one every 9 days, during one year activity . As for the woman, the sperm is replaced by a microscopic sample of menstrual blood.

After the end of the year a third ingredient (differently diversified) is added to the sperm and blood and the compound is drunk over a cyclic period of fasting and light meals still insisting on these numbers: 9, 6, 3 and 1.

In the second degree these operations are repeated (with light variations), by combining all the three ingredients together.

The third degree is based on couple sexual practice where the philosophical amalgam (the three elements together) is “cooked” through the three passages called “Black Mercury”, ”White Mercury” and “Red Mercury” (three different sexual practices performed in pairs: one of sodomy, one without sperm emission and one during menstruation). A new philosophical amalgam will be obtained. Once it is swallowed it should cause the sprouting of the energetic body (called “Body of glory” according to the School terminology)

The final level or Major Arcane, is based on five retreats performed in darkness, each lasting seven days, with a decreasing number of sexual performances (9, 6, 3, 1 and then none, replaced by breathing exercises) where one comes back to the assimilation of one element only (sperm or blood) plus a third ingredient; the absence of light encourages the development of the body of glory and its strengthening.

Only after having finished this work could the illuminati transmutation student, from The School of Naples, face the advanced rituals of the third level, which Cagliostro has handed on through Egyptian Freemasonry.

When the level of Master is achieved, an opportunity is offered to the Egyptian Brother or the Sister to engage in the famous “Quarantine”, two operations of transmutation, lasting 40 days each.

The first Quarantine: “How to achieve the Pentagon and become morally perfect” has to be practiced by thirteen Masters together. Strongly hybridized with magic-cabalistic elements, occasionally reminiscent of the Sacred Magic by Abramelin, had the purpose of sharpening the subtle faculties of the Master’s body of glory to give him the capacity to correctly explain the enigmatic instructions of the second Quarantine: “How to rejuvenate and become physically perfect”

The following text is almost the unabridged version, written by Cagliostro himself, as handed down from the many Egyptian Lodges still existing today (especially in southern France with illuminati Brothers like Jean Pierre Giudicelli also a member of the Monte Carlo Lodge) :

“The Aspirant has to retreat with a friend in the countryside on a full moon night and locked inside a room he has to suffer from a very exhausting diet for forty days time. The diet consists of scarce food based on light soups and tender cooling laxative vegetables, distilled water beverages or May rain. Each meal must to start with a liquid, a drink and end with a solid snack as a biscuit or bread crust.

On the seventeenth day of this retreat after a small emission of blood, he will start taking some white drops of secret composition. He will have to take six of them in the morning and evening, adding two a day till the thirty-second day. Another blood emission is taken on this day at sunset, the following day he stays in bed till the end of the Quarantine. Then he starts taking the first grain of Original Matter, the same that God has created in order to give man immortality. Because of sin, man has lost the knowledge of it. It can’t be conquered other than by a favor from the Eternal, and Masonic work.“

“After having taken this grain the one who is going to rejuvenate becomes unconscious for three hours and in convulsions he sweats and evacuates continuously.

After having come to himself and changed bed he must be fed with a pound of fat free beef and cooling herbs. If this food makes him feel better on the following day he is given the second grain of Original Matter in a cup of broth that besides the effect of the first grain will cause him a very strong delirious fever .He will lose the skin, and the teeth and hair will fall out. On the following thirty-fifth day if the patient recovers his strength, he will soak in a bath for one hour in neither cold or hot water. On the thirty-sixth day he will have his third and last grain of Original Matter in a glass of vintage and generous wine that will make him sleep quietly and peacefully.

Then the hair grows back, the teeth too and the skin gets healed. When he wakes up he soaks in new aromatic bath and on the thirty-eighth day he will have a bath in plain water mixed with niter .Later on he gets dressed and starts walking in his room, then on the thirty-ninth day, he takes ten drops of Balsam of the Great Master along with two spoons of red wine. On the fortieth day he will leave the house, rejuvenated and perfectly recharged”.


Altar Egos

The perfection of the Self is the Great Work. Manly Palmer Hall claimed with each increase in our ability to appreciate the magnitude of the divine plan, we are reborn. “Rebirth is the passing out from an old condition into a new state, from an old limitation to a new extension. As we grow in knowledge, our universe enlarges.

A student of St. Germain, Cagliostro introduced a triangular altar, the Shekinah, in the center of the Rosicrucian Temple, modeling it after the altar described by Count Saint Germain in his work The Holy Trinosophia, Book of the Three-fold Wisdom. The altar is the place of transformation.

Saint Germain called nature, “a triangular arrangement of four elements,” multiplied by three to yield the Zodiac of the heavens. St. Germain identifies himself with the substance from which the Stone is generated. The elements pass through 12 stages of augmentation in the preparation of the [vortex] Stone.

The altar is the three-fold cause of the material sphere. The altar is the burning Athanor, the self-feeding, digesting furnace of the alchemists, mirroring immortality seen in the four quarters of heaven. “The altar is the human body. Its material parts — the square — are arranged in the spiritual order — a triangle.”

Salt, sulphur and Mercury are placed on the altar in a triangle, symbolizing equilibrated body, spirit and soul, which gives birth to the homunculi or Crystal Body. “This [universal] man is an immortally generating ego capable of precipitating personalities at will, yet itself unchanged and unlimited by them.” The body lives in the soul – esse in anima.

In the air above the altar is the Crux Ansanta, the Ankh in copper, symbolizing the Venusian star of self-knowledge and the reproductive energy of the soul. As outer bodies generate progeny, inner bodies generate the archetypes of personalities. The gestalt is a figure of spiritual generation. Perpetual regeneration is generated by the use of the Philosopher’s Stone and the secret subtle Elixir.

The Count of Saint Germain had a very precise knowledge of the Rosicrucian wisdom and symbolism expressed in the Degrees of study within the Chambers of Instruction. As a Rosicrucian Initiate of high degree, Cagliostro was particularly active in developing what Saint Germain had taught. By means of certain symbols, further enriched later by other Adepts, he put the teachings into practice, making the Rosicrucian technique more effective and better adapted to the times. Such a descended master is a draku.

The Dragon guards the “treasure” and a royal bloodline from which St. Germain claimed descent through his reputed father, Ferenc of Rákóczi, Prince of Transylvania. He was kidnapped in his youth. A symbolic dragon of the bloodline, Comte St.Germain, first son of Ferenc Rákóczi was kidnapped by the Habsburg clan in punishment of Prince Rákótzi’s activism against the Habsburgs. He was adopted out to the French Come Family because of the Habsburg’s demand.


The Dragon Bloodline has been preserved in the Merovingian, Carolingian, Tudor, Plantagenet, Stuart, Hapsburg, Hanoverian, Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Guelph, Bowes-Lyon, Battenberg (Mountbatten), Guise, and Savoy families, as well as others. The Merovingians may have derived their title from the word for the sea, or from Mer meaning “pyramid” and also “high ones.” The powerful Plantagenet kings of England were a part of the Angevin dynasty of France, and were also known as the House of Anjou. They were, like the Bourbons and House of Orleans, a branch of the Capetian dynasty of Europe. The word capet means the “Big Heads” or “Chiefs.”

There are many books about the hermetic school of Tuthmosis III of Egypt, who reigned about 1450 BC. But it is not generally known that the school he originally inherited was the Royal Court of the Dragon. This had been founded by the priests of Mendes in about 2200 BC and was subsequently ratified by the 12th dynasty Queen Sobeknefru. (Gardner)

This sovereign and priestly Order passed from Egypt to the Kings of Jerusalem; to the Black Sea Princes of Scythia and into the Balkans – notably to the Royal House of Hungary, whose King Sigismund reconstituted the Court just 600 years ago. Today it exists as the Imperial and Royal Court of the Dragon Sovereignty, which at 4,000+ years is the oldest sovereign Court in the world.

Today, according to its mage Prince Nicholas de Vere, the Imperial and Royal Dragon Court is a closed fraternity, a collective of individuals, comprising those who, unlike Sigismund, can trace their ancestry and affiliations back to the ancient, pre-Christian Elven, Grail, Vampyre, Druid and Dragon families via Anjou. Their rituals wouldn’t work neurochemically on anyone without their bloodline. The ‘Shining Ones’ rituals produced charge radiant bliss. The real lineage ran through the Dragon Queens – Gene Isis.

The Court retains the traditional three-tier degree system that Sigismund revived. He added three separate representations of the alchemical Ouroboros emblem for the distinct ranks of the Court, harking back to earlier dragon rings. A fourth emblem shaped like an Egyptian Ankh or Albigensian Cross was used by the family officers of the Inner Temple.
Scotland has a strong tradition of hermetic alchemy. In 1317 the King of Scots was installed as the heriditary Grand Master, and from that time, whichever descending King held the office, he was to be known simply as ‘Saint Germain’. A new Order was then formed, called the elder Brothers of the Order of the Rosy Cross (The Forgotten Monarchy of Scotland by HRH Prince Michael of Albany of the Royal House of Stewart, who was elected President of the Royal Society of European Princes in 1992….Element Books Limited, 1998)

Echoing the opening lines of the TRIANGLE BOOK, this Dragon lineage traces itself to Egypt and is also preserved in Asia, by the Scythians and Mesopotamians and lines even further east. Coming from Hungary and/or Transylvania, St. Germain, being of noble blood himself, could not be unaware of this symbolic Dragon lineage.

Ferenc of Rákóczi, Prince of Transylvania, is Saint Germain’s reputed father. He was Head of the First Hungarian Liberation Battle for the re-establishment of Hungarian Kingdom Authority. In the fight for independence against the Habsburg Conquest all Hungarian people engaged in a spiritual struggle extending across centuries.

The first Habsburg King acquired the Hungarian throne by a deal unacceptable to the people. Hungarian elites ridiculed the Habsburg Clan and encouraged the Hungarian Royal State Formation. Independence of the Habsburg Clan, and the reestablishment of the Hungarian State Authority in her territory is the crucial movement cult of the Hungarian nation.

Joseph Rákóczi was the second son of Prince Ferenc Rákóczi and Amalie Princesse of Hessen, born in the French emigration of her father. The Conceptor and Head of the 2nd Hungarian Liberation’s Battle against the Habsburg Empire was excommunicated by the Pope for this mission. In 1784, the Bavarian Illuminati, presumably including St. Germain in the shadows, attempted to overthrow the Hapsburgs. Comte de Saint Germain was also a rumored paid agent of the French Revolution. In other words – he was a spy for the Dragon Dynasty wherever he went.

Dragonsblood is said to be medicinal. A wyvern is a mythical beast, a winged dragon with two eagle-like feet and a barbed, serpentine tail. In folklore, a dragon is a serpentine creature. The Latin word draco, as in constellation Draco, comes directly from Greek δράκων, (drákan, gazer). Words for dragon iinclude worm, Old English: wyrm, Old High German: wurm, Old Norse: ormr), meaning snake or serpent.

In Old English wyrm means “serpent”, draca means “dragon”. Finnish lohikäärme means directly “salmon-snake”, but the word lohi- was originally louhi- meaning crags or rocks, a “mountain snake”. Though a winged creature, the dragon is generally found in its underground lair, a cave that identifies it as an ancient creature of earth. Likely, the dragons of European and Mid Eastern mythology stem from the cult of snakes found in religions throughout the world.

Delta of Venus

The most noticeable thing about St. Germain’s secret DRAGON BOOK is its highly unusual shape – a downward-pointing equilateral triangle of 9 inches to each side. But flipping through the pages of the Dragon Book we see alternating upward and downward pointing triangles, such as those of the Qabalistic Tree of Life – a glyph of the process of transmutation into form and a path of return to the formless Divine.

An upward-pointing triangle is a symbol of the exoteric, and the downward-triangle of the esoteric, the portal between worlds. This is both the elemental symbol of water and the downward-pointing delta of the yoni, or sacred feminine, Sophia, Gnosis, Shakti, Shekinah, Babalon, Nuit, the Grail, the matrix of manifestation. As such, it is the primordial source of the waters of life and a great Mystery. That mystery includes energetic manifestation, longevity, all the buried treasures of the Collective Unconscious, even immortality.

The Delta or triangle, female-genital sign, the letter known as a vulva, in Celtic – duir, in Sanskrit dwr, and in Hebrew dalath. In Qabalah it is the Soul Triangle (2-3-6). The Tree of Life is a nested embedded cluster of upward and downward pointing triangles. The upward-pointing triangle represents the aspiration of the magician, and the downward-pointing triangle represents the divine power, flowing down to the world. These meet at the moment of magick and the interlaced triangles forming the hexagram symbolize the power of this meeting.

The soul itself is a point having no dimension in the world of the spirit, symbolized by the triangle. The Hebrew letter ‘yod’ at the center of the triangle represents the divine name or “God point”, also called by some the “nothing point” of transcendent awareness. The upside down triangle is called the Dragon’s Eye and is related to all other Eye symbols — the eye of Ra/Horus, the Illuminati Eye in the Triangle, Third Eye, pineal gland, the evil eye.

All the mystic teachings incorporate the power of three within their folds. Three represents the union of the numbers prior to it (One and Two). Numerically speaking, if One represents force, and Two represents an opening, then Three is the birthing of true wisdom.

Solomon’s Temple was designed as a microcosm of the womb. It was divided into three parts. The Porch represents the lower end of the vagina up to the hymen, or Veil. The Hall, or vagina itself leads to the inner sanctum, or Holy of Holies, the uterus. The priest, dressed as a penis, anointed with various saps and resins as representing the divine semen, enters through the doors of the Porch, the “labia” of the womb, past the Veil or “hymen” into the Hall.

The Yoni is both magic circle and triangle. The magic circle is a portal for scalar potential which feeds the energy body with negentropic flux, virtual Light. In magick, the Triangle of Art is consecrated for purposes of evocation – drawing forth. Sometimes the triangle is depicted in Hermetic diagrams radiating this esoteric light.

In the mid 1800′s, the existence of scalar energy was first proposed in a series of 4 groundbreaking equations by the Scottish mathematician, James Clerk Maxwell, in which H refers to the magnetic field, E refers to the energy field. Most of the other symbols are Greek letters such as epsilon and delta. The upside down triangle represents the Vector Differential.

But, the key to these equations – what makes them remarkable in history is the use of symbol, which stands for Scalar Charge Density. This equation was the first time the existence of scalar energy was theoretically proposed. A half-century later Nicola Tesla actually demonstrated the existence of scalar energy, know called virtual vacuum fluctuation or virtual photons. This is the biophotonic basis of the human energy body and a vast cosmic energetic potential called ZERO-Point energy. Buckminster Fuller called it the Vector Equilibrium Matrix.

The most prominent feature of the title page of the DRAGON BOOK is a winged Dragon or Wyvern emblem. Wyvern is derived from Middle English wyvere, from Old North French wivre “viper”. The triangular shape hints strongly at a 3-fold reading: Hermetic, Qabalistic & Alchemical. All deal with our primordial nature as energetic light beings capable of transformation and energetic communion with Cosmos.

Such a reading suggests alphanumeric cyphers hidden within the encoded text, even once it is decoded and translated from the Latin and French. For example, a variety of ciphers were known to St. Germain, including Gematria, Atbash, Triangle, Circular, Enochian, substitution ciphers, etc. A triangular cipher would be a natural suspect for pulling more from the graphic text. Perhaps future cryptologists will apply some of these arcane techniques.

Dissolve Yourself & Solve the Riddle

The male outward, explosive, active force is represented by the Alpha upward triangle and the female inward, implosive, creative force is symbolized by the Omega downward triangle. The combined gender of direction of force is symbolized by the six pointed hexagram or Star of David. For the triangle to unite into the hexagram they have to be interlocked with each other.

We know the descending mystical triangle of Saint Germain’s Dragon Book is a symbol of water, as in the alchemical maxim, Solve et Coagula. Water is the Universal Solvent of alchemy, the beginning and end of the work. We also know water has unique physical and metaphysical properties. Its molecular structure can be affected by human intentionality. Thoughts and words affect water. Liquid water is the cosmic source of all life. Some body fluids exemplify this property more than others. Since we are largely water ourselves it is a primordial element affecting our well-being and longevity.
The liquid form of the Philosopher’s Stone was known as the UNIVERSAL SOLVENT. According to the alchemists, the operation of solutio (liquification) has a twofold effect: it causes old forms to disappear and new regenerate forms to emerge. To a rigid consciousness, the primal ocean of the unconscious is experienced as chaotic, violent, irrational processes of generation and destruction.
Grinnell (1973) describes the transformative process of solutio which facilitates the fluid, mobile basis of consciousness:
For aqua permanens is a mode of the arcane substance; its symbol is water or sea-water, an all-pervading essence of anima mundi, the innermost and secret numinosum in man and the universe, that part of God which formed the quintessence and real substance of Physis, at once the highest supercelestial waters of wisdom and the spirit of life pervading inorganic matter.
Alchemy had one great prescription for the accomplishment of the Great Work: “Solve et Coagula”–reduce or dissolve all to its primary, most fundamental essence and embody that creative, holistic spirit. The ancient alchemists sought to transform “lead” into “gold.” We repeat this process as modern alchemists when we seek the transformative medium which allows us to recognize our rigidities (“lead”) and facilitates our healing and expression of our full creative potential (“gold”). That medium is the ever-flowing river of our consciousness.
As consciousness explores and expands, ego dissolves. Pure consciousness, the fundamental luminosity, is the ground state of unborn form. The generic purpose of ego death is to liberate our embodied being, precipitating communion with and re-patterning by the Whole. When all forms finally dissolve into unconditioned consciousness, the ground state of primordial awareness is revealed as the mystic Void, the womb of creation.
The Universal Solvent dissolves problems, heals, allows life to flow in new, creative patterns. These new patterns embody the evolutionary dynamic. According to chaos theory, free-flowing energy is capable of self-organization. In consciousness this means that the obstructions to free flowing energy must first be dissolved. Through re-creational ego death, consciousness dissolves into healing communion with the whole of existence, renewing itself, emerging with a new creative potential.
There is a generic process in nature and consciousness which dissolves and regenerates all forms. The essence of this transformative, morphological process is chaotic–purposeful yet inherently unpredictable holistic repatterning. The Great Work of the art of alchemy is the creation of the Philosopher’s Stone, a symbol of wholeness and integration. The liquid form of the Stone, called the Universal Solvent, dissolves all old forms like a rushing stream, and is the self-organizing matrix for the rebirth of new forms. It is thus a metaphor or model for the dynamic process of transformation, ego death and re-creation.
The alchemical operation SOLUTIO, called “the root of alchemy,” corresponds with the element water. It implies a flowing state of consciousness, “liquification” of consciousness, a return to the womb for rebirth, a baptism or healing immersion in the vast ocean of deep consciousness. It facilitates feedback via creative regression: de-structuring, or destratification by immersion in the flow of psychic imagery through identification with more and more primal forms or patterns–a psychedelic, expanded state, a chaotic process of psychological transformation and recalibration.

Heavenly Water

The Milky Way is the water of heaven, the spiral circle of the cosmos whose secret is revealed in the Great Cycle of the Precession, the Zero-Point of Solar/Galactic Alignment. The Dragon solution is in the blood, in actualizing the powers inherent in dragon nature, being fearless to be superhuman, for the sake of all life. The Water of Life has unique meaning in the pre-Diluvian Dragon lineage.

The Dragon is an Ultraterrestrial — a symbol of wisdom and healing. There is primordial wisdom in the inherent nature of the deathless light body, with powers extended through the consort — titanic blazing being intentionally working with great forces and vast fields. The Dragon is the ancient ancestor who contains all widom and potential, symbol of mastery and sovereignty used by royalty and initiates.
Spirit reabsorbs all the light it projected as objective universe, reawakening the Dragon energy. The grand frequency contains quintessence of all dimensions and knowledge. The primary ground of being contains all patterns and potentials. The Grail Quest and alchemical Great Work are also called “Opening the Eye of the Dragon.” Gnosis lies at the heart of Dragon culture, which holds we should be at one with the Earth not presume dominion over it.


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