Sedona Vortex Scientific Solution

NEW SITE: Winter 2010: THE SEDONA EFFECT – Sedona Sychronization Experiments
Geographically, Sedona is the virtual center of Arizona and certainly its spiritual heart. Many have made esoteric claims about the region, but no one has repeatedly demonstrated the SEDONA EFFECT to a scientific standard, until now.
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Long hailed by Native Americans as the place where “Mother Earth speaks”, and more recently as home of the “mystical vortex”, Sedona with its redrock temples proves much more than a place of intense beauty. Many books have been written on the special “Vortex” energy field phenomena found in Sedona. Some say it cannot be measured while others claim it is electromagnetic in origin. Perhaps, both are true, because its ethereal effects are more than imaginal. They are quantifiable.

Electrical engineer Ben Lonetree began as a skeptic of Sedona’s metaphysical claims, so he decided to monitor Mother Nature’s heartbeat, take her pulse, and listen carefully to what She had to say. Yes, Ben is a bit of a shaman, too. After 10 years of research using fluxgate magnetometers and large induction coils, Lonetree can definitively state that intense electromagnetic activity abounds in Sedona.

Proof of Sedona Vortex/Brainwave EEG synchronization can be demonstrated with portable equipment on site in the field, during “sudden magnetic events”. In 2005, Lonetree announced results of nearly a decade of measurements. He repeatedly recorded inward, outward and circular magnetic anomalies in both known and unrecognized Vortex activity locations.

Sedona is rich in Fe2o3, (Iron Oxide), the element responsible for the red rocks, soil, and even the red color of the inner bark of trees. In addition to iron oxide the mineral Magnetite may also exist in large quantities. Concentrations of iron oxide and other metal/minerals have the effect of focusing the earth’s natural geomagnetism which is produced by the Earth’s molten outer core.

Lonetree also observed a correlation or amplification of vortex phenomena with Schumann Resonance (SR) and Brainwave Resonance or Entrainment.


Arguably, the first scientific proof of Sedona Vortex/Brainwave EEG Synchronization. Further repeatable experiments are still being conducted in Arizona, by Ben Lonetree, using a variety of volunteer subjects. Using magnetometers and EEG, he is recording the synchronous signals of geomagnetic anomalies with human brainwaves. Parameters include Schumann Resonance (amplifies effect), Brainwave frequency and amplitude, and sudden magnetic events from vortex spots.

Evoked potentials include high well-being to ESP and other psychophysical phenomena. Further, we hypothesize that anyone having extraordinary visionary activity in vortex spots may be naturally subject to sub-clinical “temporal lobe transients,” (TLTs), micro-seizures which induce a host of psychosensory phenomena. The neural static and discharge are kindled by electrical instabilities in the brain. Typically, such experiences are assigned special personal meaning. According to neuropsychologist Michael Persinger, “God is a result of electro-magnetic stimulation of the temporal lobes …. the God Experience is synthesized during the temporal lobe transients.” TLTs can be induced by the application of natural or artificial transcerebral complex magnetic fields. Vortex activity may be a precipitating stimuli with testable parameters, including tectonic strain. More: and


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