Sept. NEW SITE: Mankind Research Unlimited (MRU) Inside Out – Makes Me Want to Psi Picture SPOOKS, KOOKS & ALPHABET SUITS Each Moment is a Singularity — ESOTERICS – SCIENCE – INTELLIGENCE: The science of mind-body-environment relationships, psychotronics is an interdisciplinary science concerned with the interactions of matter, energy, and consciousness. From the early 1970’s through the 1990’s, Washington DC-based MRU research was one coherent force behind the paradigm shift that led to the holism revolution, the holographic paradigm, and human potential movement. MRU explored and pioneered New Technologies, Alternative Health Modalities, Consciousness Studies, Radionics and Subtle Energies. Subjects included psychotronics, quantum mind, bioholography, biophotonics, mindbody, medical meditation, nonlocal healing, futuring, EVP, radionics, stress management, resonance, psychic & paranormal phenomena, scalar physics, psychism, channeling, Kirlian photography, dreamwork, rapid scan medical diagnostics, biofeedback, ESP & hypnosis, hypnotherapy, remote viewing, plasma physics, biomedical engineering, earth energies, mind control, entanglement, UFOs and a variety of other subjects that now captivate the public imagination. PSYCHOTRONICS: Czech term for “parapsychology” (excluding the study of survival), but embracing certain phenomena that are not now generally accepted as parapsychological. According to (the late) Larissa Vilenskaya (1983, p. 107), the term was first proposed with the analogy of “bionics” in mind, to refer to “the field dealing with the construction of devices capable of enhancing and/or reproducing certain psi phenomena (such as psychokinesis in the case of ‘psychotronic generators’ developed by Robert Pavlita) and later embraced some other phenomena.” [Dale & White, 1977] The science and discipline of how life functions; includes the study of how technology interacts with the human mind, spirit, and body; science, mathematics, philosophy, metaphysics, and esoteric studies are united through the study of psychotronics; it would also include other realities and how we interface with other dimensions of existence; psychotronic devices use radionic tuning to transmit brain waves and are used as mind amplifiers. The first Psychotronic Conference was held in Prague, Czechoslovakia, in June of 1973. MRU was among the vanguard that led to a revisioning of forbidden science as well as a holistic worldview, including self-care and self-regulatory practices. The collision of spiritual science with intelligence applications led to a revisioning of the nature of reality and our own reality in terms of extraordinary human potential. It remains for us to implement what was learned for good or evil. MRU sought to move humanity forward toward a better, sustainable future in which each individual could optimize their own potential in a healthy society. We are in an era when the death of the outworn societal system is leading toward chaos, but a new healthier system can emerge from the chaos of transformation, much like it does in individual therapy when we face our shortcomings, challenges and need for radical change. How well we learn and apply spiritual technologies and compassion may well be key in the global transformative process. At this juncture, where we are merging with our technology we must be proud to be flesh and learn to become more fully human even while we enhance our abilities and performance with hi tech innovations that make us cyborgs (h+) or immerse us in the virtualities of electronic worlds. MRU inspired later efforts of similar nature such as Journal of Nonlocal & Remote Mental Interaction. JNLRMI is a free online journal offering its readers a forum for the scientific investigation of our human potential. Based on current research in physics, parapsychology and complementary medicine, and drawing on the discipline of meditative arts such as qigong, the discussion revolves around the nature of space-time, causality, and individual selves; focused intentionality as a tool for shaping personal and social reality; the cultivation of mental energy and “psi” abilities; and the creation of global resonance to ensure a peaceful, meaningful and humane future for our planet. MRU VIDEO — “NEED TO KNOW” –


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