Gnosis, Experimental Metaphysics

Cosmology tells us that our entire physical universe just “popped up”, from nowhere, about 14 billion years ago. This is not how an objectively real world should behave! We are therefore forced to entertain the notion that we inhabit a “virtuality”. This notion echoes unconventional subquantal or zero-point physics, Gnostic ideas about the Plenum and ancient Vedic concepts, such as maya that explore the ultimate nature of consciouness and matter.

This theory is not that all is one, or that the mind creates the universe, or that the universe is holistic, or that nothing really exists at all. It is that all physical reality is in essence virtual. The physical world is then a bubbling flux because, like a TV screen picture, it must be continuously refreshed to exist. This includes the phenomenal world of sensations, actions, causes and results, i.e. not just the physical body, but also the brain and the sensations and ideas it generates – including those of love, harmony, self, other selves or a universal I. So everything observed, done, said or thought is virtual, i.e. a quantum collapse.

To want to change the physical world to be of harmony and love is to want a better virtuality, a better looking screen output, while ignoring the program behind it. Wanting to “fix” the world assumes it is broken, but at the quantum level it is working perfectly, as a karmic output system of natural consequences. If each output is an input, etc, how can anything change, as this flawless machine grinds causality by trying every option?

Perhaps the way out is in. Consciousness information processing needs a source, here the grid, so our sense of being an observer, if that is what you mean by “I”, may be valid. Even in a virtuality, the choices made are real. So if we have choice, we can rewrite the program at source by changing our being. A program can’t change the operating system, nor other programs, but it could alter itself. Spirituality is then not about rearranging inputs and outputs, as in politics and power, but about changing the program source, i.e. not about changing the physical world but about changing ourselves.

Awakening the Impulse to Evolve

We’re all looking for lives of greater purpose and meaning. The natural sacraments of the biosphere are the living visionary species, and their various molecular variants, which along with meditative techniques, provide all humanity with a capacity to witness first hand the immanence and transcendence of the conscious mysterium tremendum.

We want to discover how we can live in a way that is truly aligned with our soul’s deepest calling, to live the life we were born to live. But, let’s face it, it’s not always clear what specific steps we need to take to awaken to this deeper purpose. And even if we have awakened to it, we’re not necessarily sure how to make it the driving force for our lives. Buckminster Fuller speculated that the highest human purpose was as local Universe problem-solvers in support of the integrity of eternally regenerative Universe. … that “I” seem to be a verb, an evolutionary process — an integral function of the universe.

According to spiritual luminaries, to awaken the new capacities you need to actually live that purpose — even if you think it’s too late for you to change in a dramatic and profound way.

 You’ll discover a new approach to life and discover exciting new vistas of your interior landscape–and new ways to apply those discoveries to make a difference in the world. You are ready to live your highest calling with essential wisdom, depth-sourcing, and soul-charging purpose.

Be at one with life and transform your life by a clear perception of what truly is going on in you and everything else — because everything else is truly you, as well. There is only the oneness and beauty of life. We serve Life and the life force. What was formerly hidden is now revealed. The mythos and propaganda of the occult can be de-mystified and applied as spiritual technology to support a change in consciousness. Complete truth is complete love. First we awaken within the illusion, activate our purpose, then fully awaken to our true selves and the Source Truth.

It is the Feminine that possesses the empathy, compassion and guidance that the focused and systematic Masculine requires. That is what has made humans a successful species, and the suppression of it has pushed our world to the brink of destruction. Practically speaking, we seek solutions that address multiple problems without creating new ones down the road — integrated strategies dealing with key social, economic, environmental, policy and cultural issues that have a transformative effect on the system as a whole. We need options to successfully surmount the crises of unprecedented scope and complexity facing all humanity.

By liberating your mind, you find your own sovereignty. Many of us sense that, for the world to change in a profound way, a significant number of us need to awaken to — and align with — our true purpose and calling in life. We know deep down that we have a meaningful contribution to bring into the world, and we sense that it’s only in discovering and bringing forth this potential, that we will find our own spiritual fulfillment.

There is a universe within — the deep labyrinth of the Quantum Feminine (the “wave aspect” of the psyche), pregnant with superpotential and bursting with pure Awareness and continuous creativity. The creation takes on shape and life with feminine energy. The sacred feminine points to a subtler level of reality that animates life and enables conscious experience and spiritual transformation. Quantum mechanics also points to a subtler level of reality that suggests a modern way of talking about the sacred feminine or invisible basis for creativity and the meaning of life. The sacred feminine is alive and well, providing the interface between the spiritual and material aspects of creative life. The heart of the Cosmos lies within.

Experimental metaphysics is an experiment we make on ourselves, delving into our own microcosmic nature, much as the Dragons have done throughout history, as a basis for vision, clarity and dialogue with dragon genius. Without “tuning” (with spiritual technologies), such potential remains latent. With transformation, procedures give way to Grace. Our experiment delves into the nature of ‘reality’ and primordial ‘truth’ — the nature and experience of fuller awareness, unhindered by the transient contents of the mind.

Can we test and even transcend quantum reality by plunging into the abyss of the subquantal realm? To build a boundary is to create a place at which travel must cease. Metaphysics establishes boundaries of knowledge beyond which questions cannot pass — they are interrupted and rendered void. The creation of such boundaries is the translation of the unknown into the familiar.

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