Psychosocial Genomics

Kinship Libido. “In the deepest sense, we all dream not of ourselves, but out of what lies between us and the other.”
– C.G. Jung

Semper Occultus: Kinship libido is Jung’s term for the endogamous aspect of the libido. It holds the family together but gives rise to incestuous tendencies that need balancing from the ego’s exogamous tendency. Blood can call to Blood in inappropriate ways and settings, irrespective of the needs of the personality. This mis-directed energy needs to be recognized for the instinctual impulse it is so it doesn’t intrude on one’s real life. See cross-cousin marriage.

Unlike Jung’s stress on the intrapsychic experience of the self via the image or symbol, Kohut’s concept of the selfobject implies that selfhood is most fully experienced within a relationship that provides for the person what is otherwise missing. However, this apparent dichotomy must not be upheld too rigidly. Kohut stresses that the selfobject is an intrapsychic phenomena, not simply an interpersonal process, whereas Jung is aware that the self may be experienced between two persons.

Jung suggests that at the core of the transference phenomena is a factor he calls “kinship libido,” or the seeking of human connection: “relationship to the self is at once relationship to our fellow man, and no one can be related to the latter until he is related to himself” (p. 234). In other words, “inner structure must be created and then led back toward kinship and relationship with other” (Schwartz-Salant, 1982, p. 24). Jung associates the experience of the self with the discovery of meaning. According to Jung (1969b) only meaning liberates; neurosis can be understood as the suffering of the soul that has not discovered its meaning.

Intuition is not vision. We are all born with it as a guidance system. It only operates when you have enough self-esteem to trust yourself without others’ approval. When you allow small changes in your sensing or experiencing, these changes may open a flow of intuitive information and deeper meaning. Not all humans can sing, and not all Dragons can psi. Some have clearer Vision than others. But it can be developed.

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