Earth’s geomagnetic field makes the compass work and protects the biosphere from cosmic radiation. The field has existed at least three billion years, although it fluctuates in strength and at times reverses polarity. When the field strength drops too low, life on Earth is imperiled by radiation. Substantial changes in the field happen as quickly as within only a thousand years at times, although stable periods of hundreds of thousands of years also occur. Temperature patterns within the lower mantle influence both the stability and intensity of the field. Complete geomagnetic reversals on average occur every 200 thousand years– but the last one was 780,000 years ago. Massive changes in or on the Earth, including extinction events, follow a 26.6 million to 30 million year cycle over the last 250 million years. The solar system crosses the relatively dense galactic plane every 30 million years.

Electromagnetic fields are a fundamental aspect of reality. For humans, fluctuating geomagnetic effects lead to increased liminality and anomalous experiences. Field effects include hallucination and temporal lobe microseizures. As Earth’s field continues to weaken in certain areas, we can expect more reports of dramatic psychophysical phenomena emerging at an increasing rate.


Pioneering biophysics work has shown that DNA and living tissues interact with electric and magnetic fields in unexpected and dramatic ways. In 2011, cryptochrome was suggested by biophysicists as a mechanism for for perception of such suble fields.

Human cryptochrome exhibits light-dependent magnetosensitivity

Human and Drosophila Cryptochromes Are Light Activated by Flavin Photoreduction in Living Cells

Expression of the Blue-Light Receptor Cryptochrome in the Human Retina

Magnetic Field Sensed by Gene, Study Shows

Humans may sense light through skin
14 July 2008 A team of researchers from Europe and the US has shown that a type of protein molecule found in many different human tissues can respond to light. The finding raises the intriguing possibility that humans might be able to detect light through skin as well as the eye. Margaret Ahmad from the University of Paris VI, France, and her colleagues focused on a class of photoreceptor proteins called cryptochromes, which are activated by light in plants and trigger a number of physiological responses, such as maturation of seeds and unfurling of leaves. Cryptochromes are also found in insects and mammals, including humans. But until now no-one has known whether human cryptochromes react to light.

Humans Could Have Geomagnetic Sight
Geomagnetic orientation using light. The ability to see Earth’s magnetic field, thought to be restricted to sea turtles and swallows and other long-distance animal navigators, may also reside in human eyes. Tests of cryptochrome 2, a key protein component of geomagnetic perception, found that its human version restored geomagnetic orientation in cryptochrome-deficient fruit flies.Researchers have described how cryptochrome seems to be a quantum compass that detects infinitesimally subtle, geomagnetically-induced variations in the spin of electrons struck by photons. From those variations, animals seem able to determine their orientation in relation to Earth’s magnetic field. Many gaps still remain in cryptochrome theory, but it’s generally thought that the cryptochrome system may be active across the animal kingdom, from fish to reptiles to birds. Humans, however, were thought to be an exception. Our own cryptochrome is considered a piece of circadian machinery, part of our molecular clock rather than any optical compass.

The new study, however, suggests that cryptochrome may be more than a clock. Seeking to test how a vertebrate cryptochrome would work in fruit flies, Reppert decided to use the human version. His team engineered flies to be cryptochrome-deficient: They struggled to orient within a magnetically-charged maze. When the researchers spliced human cryptochrome into the flies, they again found their bearings.

Sedlak discusses how a living organism is not only an information detector and generator, but is also a transformer of electromagnetic energy. Biological systems generate their own magnetic mediums through a process he calls “dia-par”, or diamagnetic to paramagnetic transition. Sedlak proposes that the science of magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) can be used to model living bioplasma. A wide spectrum of genetic mechanisms now appear to be under the influence of surrounding electromagnetic fields. (Roffey) Is there a correlation between the effects of electromagnetic fields and those of paranormal experience, mental intent on genetic regulation and living tissues?

Under certain conditions humans affect local geomagnetic fields. Field codes are context dependent. Local geomagnetic field fluctuations are seen to dramatically change as a function of directed mental protocols. These same fields are also changed and uniquely altered when measured in close coupling to the human body. It appears that mental protocols that send out thoughts and energy, even from distant points around the world, directly affect the local geomagnetic fields in accordance with intentions. Mankind is closely tied to Earth’s geomagnetic fields, as quantum entanglement vehicles of information transfer, fields that underlie extraordinary forms of communication such as telepathy. (Chouinard). We might even find evidence that dark matter is charged (Pitkanen).

(1) We are complex electrodynamic, rather than merely chemical beings, sensitive to natural and artificial EM fields; (2) SR frequencies coincide with human brain waves, affecting subtle and gross brain-wave generation, regulating homoeostasis, healing and psi; (3) there is strong correlation between human behavioral disturbance and geomagnetic field turbulence or isolation from Schumann Wave frequencies. (Miller)

Keywords: geomagnetics, bioplasma, EMFs, coherence, resonance, liquid crystals, interference grids, photon polarization, psycho-physiological remodeling, nonlocal communication, temporal lobe transients


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