Metaphor in Holographic Archetypes

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Archetypes of Nature and the Nature of Archetypes

Jung reduced archetypes to a select few that mostly matched up with ancient godforms that described human behavior sets and transformational forces. But archetypes are not limited to that in any way. The forces of nature and the elements have always been considered archetypal — floods, hurricanes, volcanoes, tornadoes, earthquakes, fire, ocean, river, mountain, cave, stars, lightning, voidspace — the abyss of the transcendent imagination. Nietzsche famously claimed, ‎”And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.”

The Unconscious Mind is not unconscious at all. Only the conscious mind is unconscious of the consciousness of the Unconscious Mind. There are archetypes emerging in science that have an ancient history in symbolism with meaningful messages that resound through the ages: “Turning and turning within the widening gyre…” They have been resurrected in scientific forms to explain even the mathematical mysteries of the microcosm and the macrocosm: vortex, gyre, spiral, solitons, toroids, entanglement, spin, singularity, black holes, flower of life, fractal iteration, and more.

Interference Patterns

Scientific notions can be viewed metaphorically, noting particularly their similarities and differences. Is an attractor basin and a gravity well essentially the same metaphor? Space is never empty, since it is full of virtual pairs. Black holes draw everything into their sphere. Near a black hole the negative virtual particle is drawn into the black hole, while the positive radiates away (Hawking radiation). A binary black hole merger replicates the form of the inspiraling double helix, seen in DNA, at the macrocosmic level, creating enormous singularities at the event horizon. Fiat Lux. Such massive jets create shockwaves – gravity waves.

Is there a hierarchy of singularities in light fields? If we live in a holographic universe, and the principle of “As Above, So Below” prevails, then the nature and intensities of interference patterns is crucial. Interference is another name for wave propagation. It is this interference pattern that is imprinted on the recording medium in a hologram. According to diffraction theory, each point in the object acts as a point source of light. Is interference itself, cycling between interference, entanglement and interference, more than a metaphor? There is primordial darkness in the light as well as radiant effulgence.

Perhaps even sterile theories can be mined for metaphorical gold, prospecting for data. We can make a pscyhological axiom, that when the parallels in physics are strong, the results are useful. One of the classic metaphors is that “light” can also mean perception or consciousness. It brings to mind the the significance of signal-to-noise ratios and a variety of other possible transformations that can be applied to the human scale. Is it more than compensatory to think that perhaps the symbolic nature of the unconscious is the natural and fuller state of things — a reflection of fuller consciousness?

During this writing, a synchronistic communication occured mirroring such ideas, unearthing the mythic life: “the symbolic nature of the unconscious is the natural state of things”. precisely. C. G. Carus and Schelling affirmed that in 1940- the symbolic language of the unconscious (Traumbildsprache) is the language of Nature. The unconscious is Nature in us. Hence, from the point of view of the human psyche, everything is symbolic. (the Centaur in Pasolini’s Medea says so in a beautiful way). Yet questions remain. If projection is attributing unconscious contents to the object of observation, now when we try to observe our unconscious terrains… we can detect some projections in our feedback, but what is the reason that although this projection tells us about unconscious materials, it is not equal to the observed ones?

The universe is the sum of the interaction of all waves that are correlated. Interference usually refers to the interaction of waves that are correlated or are in phase, and destructive interference when they are half a cycle out of phase. The use of two-photon interference allows entanglement. Cabrillo et al suggest creation of entangled states of different atoms by interference.

Does the fine structure of light have something to do with focusing? Diffraction patterns are wave dislocations or line singularities. A polarized wavefield is an even finer structure of singularities. The singularities of geometrical optics are systematized by catastrophe theory. Partial decoherence comes from rays with widely differing paths of differences. (John Nye, Natural Focusing and Fine Structure of Light: Caustics and Wave Dislocations)

In optics, a caustic or caustic network is the envelope of light rays reflected or refracted by a curved surface or object, or the projection of that envelope of rays on another surface. There is a parallel between the physics of optical caustics and protein-folding. How does energy from diverse small sources drive a complex molecule to a unique state? Perhaps that the missing factor is in the geometry.

A putative underlying physical link between caustics and folding is a torsion wave of non-constant wave speed, propagating on the dihedral angles and found in an analytical model of the molecule.The translation of genetic information, which is encoded in the DNA, into uniquely folded proteins defines a central mechanism in all living cells. The first stages of the process, entailing the translation of the information into an amino acid sequence in the protein, have been understood for a long time. The final step, the folding of the protein into a unique native state, remains an intensely active research field.

The optical field, including the caustic, is an interference pattern which requires no additional energy to form. There are only a finite number of caustics that can be uniquely characterized geometrically. Also, the formation of caustics is strikingly insensitive to perturbations. The theory of caustics entails the application of mathematics to the propagation of electromagnetic waves subject to various boundary conditions. One of researchers’ motivations for comparing caustics and folding is the appearance of waves and solitons in an analytic molecular model. One issue is that caustics are a wave phenomenon (although geometric optics also gives a complete picture of caustics). Do torsion waves on the molecule backbone, disrupted by heterogeneities in the arrangement of amino acids, form singular points which direct the folding into elementary geometric catastrophes in short segments? Does bond formation subsequently alter the shape? (Simmons & Weiner).

In a new discovery, scientists using the Spitzer Infrared Space Telescope detected tiny specks of matter, or particles,consisting of stacked buckyballs. They found the particles around a pair of stars called “XXOphiuchi,” 6,500 light-years from Earth, and detected enough to fill the equivalent in volume to 10,000 Mount Everests. These exotic particles (image below) were detected definitively in space for the first time by Spitzer in 2010. Spitzer later identified the molecules in a host of different cosmic environments. It even found them in staggering quantities, the equivalent in mass to 15 Earth moons, in a nearby galaxy called the Small Magellanic Cloud.

“This exciting result suggests that buckyballs are even more widespread in space than the earlier Spitzer results showed,” said Mike Werner, project scientist for Spitzer at NASA’s Jet PropulsionLaboratory in Pasadena, Calif. “They may be an important form of carbon, an essential buildingblock for life, throughout the cosmos.”

The archetypal nature of such translatable models is highlighted by a recent paper (“Theory of the Origin, Evolution, and Nature of Life”, Andrulis, 2012), first released as “scientific” then retracted from peer-review because no one can understand it. It is based entirely on a non-mathematical model of the gyre to explain all domains of existence and information morphology. It claims to unite atomic and cosmic realms.This paper highlights the apparent stranglehold archetypes have on the nature of our thinking and conceptualization. That is, if the notion of archetypes themselves holds up. Right or wrong, it shows the power of primordial symbols to attract and fascinate us.

A quantum approach may be clearer: We are pieced together out of atoms. Atoms are made from protons, neutrons, and electrons. Protons and neutrons are made of quarks. Quarks and electrons, as far as we know, are elementary particles, with nothing smaller inside. The gyre is the caged electron. Science thinks of the electron as something that circles so fast around a center proton so as to have the properties of a cloud around the proton with varying strengths here and there. But in the microtubule there is no proton to cloud around. It is not the case where the cloud behavior of the electron is sometimes associated with the beta molecule and then it jumps over to the other molecule as most seem to imagine.

The caged electron has no proton to center around and forms a gyre or tornado or vortice or cyclotron orbit instead.
The gyre or electron cloud is forced to form by the van der wall forces between the opposing repelling molecules.
Sometimes the flow of vibrations from one molecule excites the gyre and sometimes the flow from both molecules excite the electron gyre. The gyre can be squeezed or expanded. The gyre has a singularity which is made of photons emitted during the excitation of the gyre or electron cloud in cyclotron orbit. The brain recreates the behavior of the gyre. Life is delayed entropy and what delays the entropy is the incomplete dissipation of information in the singularity held by the gyre.

Vortex-motion has been suggested from pre-history to account for creation, and is with us today in other modern theories of black hole singularities at the core of all matter. Heterodox theories often show more archetypal influence than conventional theories, as they tend to be idiosyncratic. This one is based on the premis that any cycle that exists in nature—in physical, chemical, or biological systems—may be viewed as a gyre. The ground state is the base of the gyre. Gyre collapse occurs by two extreme means: overcontraction or overexpansion.

Because it is so unabashedly archetypal in nature, it illustrates the point that conventional and heterodox theories, in general, are archetypally molded. The gyre is suggested as a basic and concrete model of broad applicability, a profound heuristic, and an unchanging form that changes. Further, nested gyres evidently fulfill many of the modeling requirements of complexity, emergence, chaos, systems, information, and evolutionary theory.

Andrulis claims his theory organizes scales across all domains by feedforward and feedback between, among, and within nested gyrosystems, and that all physical systems, particles, and phenomena in the microcosmic and macrocosmic realms obey a vortical trajectory. He claims to demonstrate that, “that each gyrosystem singularity represents the origin of that gyrosystem. In other words, the singularity is the beginning and the end, the thermodynamic source and the sink of each cycle.”

His metaphysics reflects a conceptual surety of an “elegant solution to the origin, evolution, and nature of life in the cosmos.”: “The gyre models the living universe perfectly. I have been unable to find one system, particle, event, or process—at any point or stage leading up to or during the origin of life—that does not consent to modeling onto the gyre form. In other words, there is no “before” or “after” the gyre in a spacetime sense; the gyre is evolutionarily and existentially omnipresent. This theory proves that the gyre is the long-sought invisible and inevitable metaphysical element of the universe, fulfilling a philosophical goal that dates to ancient Greece…”

The central idea of this theory is that all physical reality, stretching from the so-called inanimate into the animate realm and from micro- to meso- to macrocosmic scales, can be interpreted and modeled as manifestations of a single geometric entity, the gyre. This entity is attractive because it has life-like characteristics, undergoes morphogenesis, and is
responsive to environmental conditions. The gyromodel depicts the spatiotemporal behavior and properties of elementary particles, celestial bodies, atoms, chemicals, molecules, and systems as quantized packets of information, energy, and/or matter that oscillate between excited and ground states around a singularity. The singularity, in turn, modulates these states by alternating attractive and repulsive forces. The singularity itself is modeled as a gyre, thus evincing a thermodynamic, fractal, and nested organization of the gyromodel. In fitting the scientific evidence from quantum gravity to cell division, this theory arrives at an understanding of life that questions traditional beliefs
and definitions.

The gyromodel depicts the spatiotemporal behavior and properties of elementary particles, celestial bodies, atoms, chemicals, molecules, and systems as quantized packets of information, energy, and/or matter that oscillate between excited and ground states around a singularity. The singularity, in turn, modulates these states by alternating attractive and repulsive forces. The singularity itself is modeled as a gyre, thus evincing a thermodynamic, fractal, and nested organization of the gyromodel. In fitting the scientific evidence from quantum gravity to cell division, this theory arrives at an understanding of life that questions traditional beliefs and definitions (Andrulis).

Natural Laws & Ordering Principles

These primordial forms, geometries, and pre-geometrical dynamics are the archetypes of nature, at levels more fundamental than those of personification. As our penetration of our own depths and those of nature deepens, we become cognizant of the primordial nature of such symbols in our personal and collective life.

Personified archetypes were well-covered in the 20th century, but in the 21st we need to revision our view of archetypes and what is archetypal to include the raw nature of archetypes, not just the archetypes of nature. Energy has shape…and that shape emerges from the vacuum potential. As the Heart Sutra implies, form is not other than void and void is not other than form. In this sense, all of manifestation is archetypal.

Matter conceptually arises from our perception of the universe. In the computational analogy the universe is a virtual reality – it is ‘made’ of computation and information. Only through virtual senses does it seem to be ‘solid’. Existence is a field of consciousness, our personal consciousness is an aspect of the cosmic consciousness and with a focused awareness we participate in that field. By interacting with the underlying energy and information we may influence it, then when our senses perceive the situation it seems that ‘matter’ has been influenced – but that matter is just the underlying energy and information as it appears to our senses.

Rumi, the 13th-century Sufi mystic poet said, “The nature of reality is this: It is hidden, and it is hidden, and it is hidden.”
Physical reality is not absolute. Science has tried to find the fundamental building blocks of matter, but has been stymied. It simply depends on the assumptions and theory you use with the level of observation: cosmological, molecular, atomic or subatomic. Now the quark (theoretically point-sized), long thought the smallest unit discernable, is giving way to finer distinctions — a whole new level of the makeup of matter.


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