Quantum Brain-Mind Problem Examined

On the Quantum Aspects of Brain-Mind Problem
Iona Miller 2014
The brain-mind problem is also known as the mind-body problem and by extension mind-matter. How the mind relates to the brain has classically been discussed in terms of monism and dualism-that the mind and brain are one or that the mind and brain are separate. It has long been suggested that the brain functions as a sort of transducer from the universal to the particular. Quantum and sub -quantal phenomena may play an important part in the brain’s transducer function
.Further, our physical theories and narratives , rooted in philosophical notions about the interface of psyche and matter , also serve a symbolic function If the unconscious is a magical powerhouse that speaks in symbols, our notion of the unconscious is also a symbol of the power of the primal field.

~ by ionamiller on September 18, 2014.

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